Open Innovation: Solvay's AM Cup

Solvay is committed to pushing the limits of Additive Manufacturing with high-performance polymers by developing Open Innovation projects with universities, start-ups, etc.

For the second edition in 2019 of its Additive Manufacturing Cup, three teams from Belgium and Germany surpassed over 30 competitors across three continents in a challenge to university students to demonstrate their aptitude for 3D printing with Solvay’s Radel ® PPSU filaments.  

  • The Gekko Performance team from the Technical University of Munich in Germany placed first due to its ability to achieve 100 percent z-axis strength in the Type V size tensile bar and its wavy pipe showed overall dimensional accuracy, surface uniformity, and a remarkable mechanical performance by enduring a burst pressure test of 1,400 psi (96.5 bar) for two hours.

  • Two teams from Ghent University in Belgium placed second and third, PPSUsual and PPSUPER: very little separated the teams as both achieved the next best performance in tensile modulus, tensile strength, and ductility.