Electrical and electronic devices, stationary energy storage systems as well as eco-friendly electric transportation have all become integral to our daily lives. New materials and technologies that extend battery life while shortening charging time are in great demand.

The deployment of renewable energy sources poses the challenging task of balancing electricity demand and power supply over time. Here, Li-Ion batteries’ performance linked to energy density, safety and cell degradation is now more than ever of utmost importance.
Substituting traditional vehicles with environment-friendly electric vehicles will continue to increase as batteries become more reliable. Innovative materials and technologies are expected to increase durability, performance and safety during their lifetime.
Likewise, design freedom of battery packs and modulus, safe cooling systems and lightweight structures, represent another key challenge. This is especially true for the electric vehicles Industry that today is calling for increased efficiency, safety, and engine geometries able to fit with new design concepts, as mobility transforms cars as we know them.

Solvay’s high-performance solutions address the challenges of Today and Tomorrow.

Specialty Polymers at work