Preserving our planet's resources and limiting our impact

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With Solvay Way, our commitments to our planet include:

Informing employees and respecting regulations regarding environment

We involve employees for environment and sites are committed to respect regulations.

Preserving natural resources

We are deploying action plans to improve energy efficiency, to optimize raw materials consumption and to reduce water consumption. Solvay makes every effort to reduce industrial waste and in particular dangerous or potentially dangerous waste. Our policy is to reduce them to a minimum with a zero objective in the long run.

Limiting environmental impact and preserving biodiversity

The control and reduction of the environmental impact of Solvay's activities is a constant drive. It is in line with our commitment to the Responsible Care Global Charter. We commit to reduce the impact of manufacturing process on air, water and soil quality.

Exercising responsible influence

Developing regular dialogue and communicating transparently with our stakeholders is key. Solvay, as an international company, has a role to play in influencing its stakeholders in a responsible way.