The search for innovative solutions is part of Solvay’s DNA. In 1863,  Ernest Solvay made a major technological breakthrough: the synthesis of soda ash (sodium carbonate), a process designed and developed by the company’s founder.

Ernest Solvay’s passion for science inspired him to support research in different ways.

Since 1911, these conferences have brought together the world’s most distinguished physicists and chemists to discuss scientific issues.

In 1927, the new theory of quantum physics began to gain widespread acceptance. 29 scientists attending the conference -s uch as Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Niels Bohr – 17 were Nobel Prize laureates!



Solvay Prize

Solvay Prize rewards a major scientific discovery that could shape tomorrow’s chemistry and help human progress.


Sponsored by Solvay

Solvay is sponsoring science and education initiative to promote science and encourage talents.


Hall of Fame

Talented Solvay scientists have been recognized through prestigious scientific.


Solar Impulse

Let’s run the world with clean technologies. Discover the Solar Impulse journey.