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Solar Impulse’s true journey initiated with the historic flight around the world, of course, has no finish line. The message it carries is one of enduring innovation, possibility, persistence and conviction. Since 2016, we continue to pursue this journey together as a partner of the World Alliance for Efficient Solution created by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

The aim is to identify “#1000Solutions to change the world" and go even #Beyond1000Solutions to help improve the quality of life on earth in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities or Responsible Consumption and Production while being profitable business-wise.; Solvay’s fourteen labeled efficient solutions, in line with our Solvay One Planet goals, provide sustainable answers for batteries, exhaust gas treatments, semiconductor applications, thermoset composites developed for high volume automotive applications, rare-earth-based formulations, biostimulants for farming, wastewater adsorbents, amongst others, benefiting various industries such as water, energy, and agriculture.

This is only the beginning! We develop clean technologies and it is a new opportunity to demonstrate how chemistry and innovation bring profitable and sustainable solutions to tackle the world’s environmental and health challenges.


Celebrating Solar Impulse Foundation 1000+ solution milestone

Solvay shows that solutions that improve the quality of life on earth, and make our planet a better place for humans, already exist.

Bertrand Piccard
Founder and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

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