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Our Materials segment comprises Specialty Polymers and Composite Materials businesses. These high-margin businesses are market leaders providing solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweighting and energy efficiency.

We look at our world and at the growing demands for cleaner solutions, pushing the automotive and aerospace industries to develop more environmentally systems. 

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At Solvay, we help make transportation cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient. Along with offering lightweight materials, we facilitate a shift to electric and hybrid vehicles. Equally, in the aerospace market, today’s market drivers include a need for advanced solutions to achieve lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

With thousands of different products in the Materials portfolio, we work hand in hand with our customers to push boundaries and stimulate success.


High-performance polymers and composites technologies

Our ambition is to serve as top pure-player in the advanced materials business, leveraging the best synergies between polymers and composites technologies in leading thermoplastic composites and battery platforms. Prioritized investment and innovation in this segment will help automotive, aerospace and healthcare customers accomplish competitive opportunities and accelerate sustainable growth.


Materials segment aims at:

  • accelerating innovation with highest-growth customers
  • further gate-to-gate market win: our thermoplastic composites and battery platforms allow to accelerate customer wins
  • agile improvement to operational efficiencies through simplification, order to cash optimization and digitalization

“Solvay has been a long term trusted supplier of Safran, supplying advanced composite materials on several engine and nacelle programs. This agreement highlights not only the continuation of the cooperation on the LEAP program but also the reinforcement of the relationship between the two groups on a larger portfolio,”

Thierry Viguier
Safran Vice President, Materials Purchasing
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