How Advanced Materials drive our growth

A leader in markets with high entry barriers and strong returns on investment, this segment is a major contributor to the Group’s performance and growth. Innovation, combined with global presence and long-term partnerships with customers, provides a compelling competitive edge to industries seeking increased energy efficiency and less polluting alternatives. Its businesses in composites and specialty polymers provide solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweighting, CO2 and energy efficiency. 

Specialty Polymers

Solvay, a world leader in high performance polymers, offers an unmatched portfolio of Specialty Polymers with over 35 product lines available in more than 1500 formulations designed for use in demanding markets around the world. These high performance plastics, polymers, fluids and elastomers are designed to meet the property requirements of demanding industries.


Leading positions

  • World number-1 producer of specialty polymers and high performance polymers


2018 Key figures  

  • Net sales: €2,009 million 

Composite Materials

Solvay's Composite Materials Global Business Unit is a global provider of advanced materials solutions for the manufacture of high-quality, high-performance and complex composite structures used in aerospace, automotive, mass transportation, oil & gas and other demanding industrial and consumer applications.

Leading positions

  • a world leader in the development and supply of aerospace engineered materials for secondary and primary structure
  • a leader in application engineering with an integrated product portfolio including thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs and tapes, structural and 3D-moldable foams, adhesives and surfacing films, resin and compound systems, carbon fibers, fabrics, tooling and vacuum bagging consumables.

Main business strengths

Solvay is strongly committed to driving the industrialization of the composites industry with next generation products and processes enabling to meet its customers’ rate and cost targets. Resin infusion and out-of-autoclave technologies as well as automation and manufacturing technologies are being developed for that purpose.

2018 Key figures  

  • Net sales: €1,082 million 
  • 19 industrial sites 
  • 6 R&I centers


Silica is a global leader in Highly Dispersible Silica that are found in green and high performances tires. 

Silica also offers a range of consumer and industrial goods solutions in animal nutrition, homecare, oral care and battery separators. This advanced material is used for its reinforcing, abrasive, carrying, anticacking and porous properties.   

Leading positions

  • Leading position in Highly Dispersible Silica

Main business strengths

  • A worldwide, market-oriented R&I organization enabling innovation performance and customer centricity (proximity for joint-developments)
  • A competitive global footprint to serve global and local customers 
  • A commitment to sustainable business solutions, leveraging our innovation capabilities and our sustainable sourcing program

Special Chem

GBU Special Chem is a world leader in Fluorine Chemistry and rare-earth formulations.  It maintains this position through innovation, using its distinct knowledge for high-end applications such as heat exchangers, automobile catalysis and Li-ion batteries as well as luminescence and high-precision polishing. Special Chem also develops its Electronics platform as a niche player with strong partners. 

Leading positions

Leading position in selected specialties based on Fluorine, Rare Earths, Strontium and Barium.

2018 key figures

  • Net sales: 0,86 bn € 
  • 2450 employees
  • 21 industrial sites
  • 9 R&I centers

Main business strengths

- A broad technology base, formulation expertise and application knowledge 
- A worldwide, market-oriented R&I organization enabling innovation performance and customer centricity
- A customized product offering to fast-evolving growth industries