Introducing AND is the future

AND is the future is a podcast hosted by Solvay CEO Ilham Kadri that brings together great minds to address the opportunities and challenges of making businesses both sustainable AND profitable.

The podcast is a tribute to our founder Ernest Solvay, whose lifelong purpose was to bring people together to deliver new forms of progress for society. It gathers thought leaders across the globe to discuss how businesses can profitably reach sustainability goals, ensure that innovation is at the service of humanity and its progress, protect biodiversity, transform the value chain, unleash peoples’ full potential through diversity, equity and inclusion, and much more!

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New episode

Sustainable development AND economic prosperity

with Jorge Laguna-Celis

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Meet the host

Solvay CEO Ilham Kadri is a purpose-driven business leader, scientist, optimist and world citizen who is passionate about making businesses sustainable AND profitable, science-based AND human, daring AND caring. 

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Season 2, Episode 3 | Sustainable development AND economic prosperity 

lham Kadri speaks with Jorge Laguna-Celis who leads the One Planet Network, about how businesses can grow and thrive by achieving SDG 12, and much more!

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Season 2, Episode 2 | Space AND Humanity's Progress

Ilham sits down with Doug Hurley to discuss his amazing flight in the SpaceX Dragon rocket; what sparked his passion for flight; the launch of Artemis I; when we’ll see humans on Mars; and, most importantly, what businesses can learn from space exploration.

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Season 2, Episode 1 | Entrepreneurship AND Reinventing Education

Ilham sits down with Michelle Brown to discuss her journey from teacher to tech entrepreneur, and the impact of CommonLit, which is doing so much to improve literacy for students, especially those in low income schools.

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Bonding for a better world 


Solvay’s founder Ernest Solvay is the inspiration for this podcast. He was one of the first business leaders to incorporate ESG in the late 19th century. He was also in the business of bringing people together. This year we’re celebrating the 100 year anniversary of his first chemistry conference in 1922, which gathered many scientists who would become Nobel Prize laureates. Ernest’s conferences convened some of the brightest scientific minds like Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Henri Poincaré, and Max Planck. Here is a photo of the 1927 conference, which included 17 Nobel Prize laureates - it has been called “the most intelligent picture ever taken in human history”.

*Pictured on the banner: Solvay's founder, Ernest Solvay