Solutions for Space and Launch — Designed for Uncharted Territory 

A universal desire to uncover the mysteries of space has united organizations around the world to commit to space exploration. The rules of space and launch applications are changing, and failure is not an option. From future missions to the Moon and Mars to the new reality of space tourism, all materials used in space and launch applications must deliver reliable performance regardless of operating conditions. 

As the world of space travel evolves, Solvay continues to serve as the partner of choice for materials that enable the next generation of aerospace innovation. Our broad portfolio of optimized materials for space and launch is tailored to address the complex environmental challenges in spacecraft, satellites, launch vehicles, and future aerospace applications. Explore our high-temperature ablatives & insulation, composite materials, and adhesives & primers, and let’s work together to reach the next historic milestone in space exploration.

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Discover High-Performance Solutions for Space and Launch

The performance demands of space and launch materials are complex. Solutions must simultaneously deliver lightweighting benefits, enable design and processing flexibility, withstand extreme temperatures and maintain reliable performance over time. Solvay provides space and launch OEMs with outstanding materials for composite structures, high-temperature insulation & ablatives, and adhesives & primers for high-performance launch vehicles, spacecraft, and satellites.

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