Solutions for Optimized Industrial and Architectural Coatings 

Solvay’s materials and specialty chemicals play an integral role in enhancing many of the performance properties expected from high-quality coatings. Our products are used to improve vital functionalities and attributes in industrial and architectural coating applications, such as the need for improved sustainability profiles, rheology, durability and more.


Solvay’s adhesion solutions are formulated to boost adhesion to difficult substrates and perform in the most challenging environments. Discover more.

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Anti-Stain Agents

Maintaining attractive surface finishes often requires anti-stain additives. Solvay’s performance additives, stabilizers and polymer technologies allow formulators to achieve enhanced aesthetics. Discover more.

Anti-Stick Agents 

From non-stick coatings to consumer cookware, Solvay’s anti-stick technology includes additives, adhesion promoters and binders. Discover more.

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Coatings Durability 

Coatings exposed to demanding external conditions benefit from the durability enhancements enabled by Solvay’s solutions, including better resistance to corrosion, heat, chemicals, weather, water and UV light. Discover more.

Corrosion Resistance

Direct-to-metal coatings need enhanced corrosion resistance solutions to avoid serious structural and mechanical damage. Solvay’s range of anti-corrosion products delivers excellent performance properties in demanding coating applications. Discover more.

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Electrical & Optical Performance

Solvay’s range of specialty polymers and additives enhances electrical and optical coatings properties in various industries. Discover more.

Emulsion Polymerization

Solvay’s emulsion solutions enable manufacturers and formulators to improve the quality of binder systems. Discover more.

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Film Coalescing Agents

To improve the aesthetic performance of industrial and architectural coatings, Solvay’s unique film coalescing agents facilitate excellent film formation across a range of waterborne systems. Discover more.

Foam Control

Solvay’s defoamers help formulators achieve excellent gloss and clarity across various coatings applications and systems that require smooth surfaces for aesthetics and functionality. Discover more.

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Mechanical Performance 

For improved mechanical performance in industrial and architectural coatings, Solvay’s products enhance key mechanical properties such as scrub resistance, friction and thermal resistance. Discover more.


Used in a wide range of coatings applications, Solvay’s monomers support formulators in the development of HASE thickeners that enable outstanding flow profiles. Discover more.

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Scrub Resistance

To respond to the growing demand for scrub-resistant, durable coatings, Solvay’s advanced surfactants, emulsifiers, monomers and polymers improve chemical resistance and corrosion in high-CPVC paints. Discover more.

Substrate Wetting

To improve the surface wetting of a variety of substrates in architectural and industrial coating applications, Solvay offers high-performing substrate wetting additives that improve flow and leveling.  Discover more.

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Sustainable Formulations

As the market seeks more sustainable solutions, Solvay offers an ever-growing range of products for safer and more environmentally conscious coatings, including low-odor, low-VOC formulations. Discover more.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is essential for ensuring structural and aesthetic integrity in architectural and industrial coatings. Solvay’s specialty polymers and additives improve the hydrophobicity of coatings across various applications. Discover more.

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