Today’s consumers don’t have the time or desire to spend hours scrubbing their home from top to bottom. Home care formulators must respond to this evolving consumer behavior by developing cleaning solutions that remove everyday stains and prevent tough soils from forming to make every future clean easier. As desirable as these effortless cleaning formulations may be, it is challenging to develop solutions that are versatile enough to provide easy cleaning in a range of home environments, including kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks and toilets. Solvay develops the most advanced easy cleaning polymers and detergents so formulators can develop high-performing home care solutions that meet consumer expectations in terms of both efficiency and efficacy.  

Our range of easy cleaning polymers help formulators develop home care cleaning solutions that produce a better clean and shine with less work for the consumer.

David Grandeau, EMEA Marketing & Business Development Manager, Home & Oral Care at Solvay

Challenges of Effortless Cleaning Formulations

Each part of the home has slightly different requirements that an effective cleaner must meet, and formulators must utilize versatile ingredients as they develop home care solutions. Formulators require a combination of multifunctional ingredients that are suitable for a range of environments, as well as targeted, highly effective polymers for hard surface cleaning. While bathroom cleaners require more acidic compositions to remove soap scum or limescale, kitchen cleaners need ingredients that can break up grease and baked-on food. Although consumers continue to demand home care cleaning formulations that break up stains and soils without much effort, these solutions can be challenging to formulate with the proper combination of ingredients that maintain excellent performance. Modern cleaning formulations can contain enzymes, detergents and specialty polymers that work in synergy to break down stains, remove soils from the surface and provide long-lasting cleaning benefits. 

Formulators must also develop these cleaning solutions to meet the evolving trends of the home care industry, especially those related to sustainability. Solvay offers a range of ingredients that promote easy cleaning of surfaces and are gentle on the environment. Our outstanding and sustainable detergent, Mackam® LHS, exhibits incredible degreasing power on challenging soils found in dish care applications, such as baked-on foods, and also promotes an increase in the overall performance and foaming attributes of dishwashing liquids with lower active levels. When combined with amine oxide, this sultaine also generates substantial cost reduction and boosts performance against greasy soils to offer maximum value to formulators. Solvay’s Rhodiasolv® Infinity also offers an environmentally friendly solvent as a replacement for typically used, volatile solvents. This highly effective, water-dilutable microemulsion concentrate is free of volatile organic compounds and maintains excellent degreasing and cleaning properties.


Benefits of Easy Cleaning Polymers for Home Care Solutions

As consumers expect more from their cleaning products, high-performance ingredients make it possible for everyday users to experience easier cleaning in the moment and in the future. Effective enzymes and detergents may help consumers stay stress-free during cleaning, but these ingredients used independently do not prevent the development of tough stains and soils in the future. Solvay’s easy cleaning polymers, especially those in the Mirapol® Surf Range including Mirapol® Surf-S 900, Mirapol® Surf-S 600 and Mirapol® Surf-N HSC, enhance effortless cleaning formulations and utilize unique hard surface hydrophilization technology to prevent the development of soils in the future. By creating a protective, rinse-resistant barrier, these ingredients serve as easy cleaning polymers and shine polymers for surfaces that ensure fast-drying, streak-free properties.

From high-performing surfactants and solvents to innovative surface cleaning polymers with hydrophilization technology, Solvay offers formulators the most advanced ingredients so consumers can enjoy an easy, enjoyable cleaning experience.

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