Embracing Natural Hair 

The textured hair market continues to grow exponentially as consumers embrace their natural hair and prioritize routines made for their unique hair types. However, despite the growing demand for textured hair care products, there is still a limited range of products designed for natural hairstyles. 

Solvay is proud to unveil the complete routine for textured hair, featuring 10 products formulated to help textured hair consumers cleanse, moisturize and style their hair with products made specifically for them. 

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Solvay is Here to Change the Way the World Looks at Textured Hair

Textured hair has unique characteristics that ordinary hair care products cannot address. From dryness and fragile fibers to frizz and scalp issues, textured hair requires a caring and cleansing routine that prioritizes moisturization, repairs damage and nourishes the scalp. The scientists at Solvay created a restorative regimen for textured hair that provides the benefits consumers need to embrace their natural hair and express their identity.

Meet the Restorative Routine for Textured Hair by Solvay

Solvay Restorative Routine for Textured Hair v2

Clean and Care Products

  1. Pure Clean Shampoo
  2. Hydration Boost Shampoo
  3. Cleansing Cream
  4. Luxurious Moisturizing Conditioner
  5. Moisture Lock Mask
  6. Wake-Up Curls Day Cream
  7. SOS Moisture Mask

Styling Products

  1. Milky Curl & Comb Spray
  2. Styling Foam
  3. Scalp Oil

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Our Hands-on Partnership with Studio Ana’eTM

Studio Ana’e Team - Partners os Solvay to develop a textured hair care routine - TW

Solvay knew that we needed to work with natural curly hair experts to create the optimal routine for textured hair consumers, which is why we partnered with the Paris-based salon, Studio Ana’eTM. We collaborated with the textured hair stylists and models at Studio Ana’eTM to evaluate, reformulate and validate each product in our natural hair regimen. Learn more about our partnership with Studio Ana’eTM here.

Want to learn more about the complete textured hair routine? Contact our experts.