Our Best Solutions to Aid the Manufacturing and Enhance Pharmaceutical Products

A stable and inert material, the excipient can be tailored to perform several functionalities to improve performance, storage and processability of pharmaceuticals. Excipients fill a variety of roles, as they can be used to guarantee active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) properties, transform the drug delivery system during manufacturing, improve aesthetic appearance and storage safety and support several routes of drug administration. 

With years of chemical expertise, Solvay has developed high-quality excipients for a wide range of end-use applications in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing our partners with the highly specified excipient grades, we offer the ability to enhance the stability of APIs, enhance bioavailability and boost patient acceptability. In addition, our advanced excipients meet meticulous stipulations and regulatory requirements to support safe and reliable storage, as well as facilitate today’s most efficient administration methods.


Top Solutions for Excipients

  • Bicar® pharma excipient: This excipient is a sodium bicarbonate designed specifically for use in effervescent medicines.
  • IPh Sodium Carbonate: Superior quality of anhydrous sodium carbonate with desiccant properties in effervescent tablets. 
  • Antarox®: As an excellent thickening agent, gelling agent and co-emulsifier, this family of excipients is useful for the delivery of the active ingredient, which can be presented in different particle sizes for optimal adaptation. It can also be used as a diluent agent.
  • Rhovanil®: As a high purity vanillin, this ingredient is used as flavour enhancer or a bitterness masking agent to ease the administration and patient acceptability of various pharmaceuticals.

Excipients for Improved Stability and Delivery

Solvay’s portfolio of excipients for pharmaceutical applications exhibits a variety of roles and purposes. With extremely pure grades, we provide the industry with premium sodium bicarbonates for effervescent tablets, thickening agents to improve the delivery of the active ingredient, and aromatic excipients designed to mask bitter flavors or improve patient appeal to specific pharmaceuticals.

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