Launched in 2015, Solvay’s Sustainable Guar Initiative aims to empower farmers with tools and knowledge to cultivate the crop through good agricultural practices, resulting in more continuous, high yield production.





The program will improve the livelihood of farmers,protect local resources and ensure a durability of income for guar bean farmers while considering the impact of climate change into their activities.

Our efforts also focus on societal inputs helping women establish kitchen gardens, providing various vegetables for their families, as well as a potential secondary income source.

Furthermore, we launched a pilot to build a long term traceable supply chain which brings value to all the stakeholders, from the farmers up to the end users.




L’Oréal was our launch partner for the first three years of the program.

Technoserve is the NGO that spearheads the on-the-ground implementation. Their experts train farmers and show how sustainable farming practices can be implemented in a practical way.

Hichem is a Solvay Joint Venture and guar manufacturer. They are our initial partner to help us make the link with the entire guar supply chain and help us in our traceability efforts.                                      



The beauty of this program is to have in the same place all potential stakeholders using guar from many industries.The end game of this project is a sustainable sourcing, a traceable supply chain, which at the end brings very strong benefit to the communities and the society. 

Emmanuel Butstraen  - President of Solvay Novecare. 
Improving guar farmers