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Isopropanol GMP

Rhodia developed Isopropanol GMP with specific properties for the Pharmaceutical Industry, which strictly follows the Good Manufacturing Practices requirements of RDC 34/2015. Furthermore, Isopropanol GMP meets all the requirements of the current versions of the USP Monograph “Isopropyl Alcohol” and the Brazilian Pharmacopeia.

Main Features

Colorless liquid, with an odor that resembles a mixture of alcohol and acetone. It is miscible with most organic solvents, including chlorinated ones.



  • Chemical name = 2-propanol
  • Synonyms: Isopropyl alcohol, 2-propyl alcohol, dimethyl carbinol
  • CAS = 67-63-0 
  • Index = 603-117-00-0 
  • EINECS = 200-661-7


Main Applications


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Download the product brochure

Download the product brochure