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Soda Ash bags 2019


Our actions for Sustainable Development

In line with the Solvay Group commitments, we constantly work on developing manufacturing excellence and energy efficiency programs to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing, for example, our greenhouse emissions and energy consumption. Over 2014-2018, our CO2  emissions have decreased by 8%.

We have also developed an energy transition roadmap to reduce the use of fossil fuels in our plants and develop clean energy production for our needs.

A few examples of projects: 

The Rosignano plant in Italy

The investment in a new energy- efficient gas turbine at our soda ash plant in Rosignano, Italy

With this investment, Solvay secured the plant’s current production capacity and long-term competitiveness on local and export markets while using less energy and providing co-generation electricity (lowest COemission for fuel generated electricity) to the Italian grid.

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RDF Power Plant at Bernburg site

The modernization of our cogeneration unit in Bernburg

In 2018, Solvay invested €48 million for the modernization of its cogeneration unit to maintain its current production capacity, decrease CO2 intensity and provide the German grid with a back-up based on co-generated electricity.

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Plant Rheinberg, Germany

Biomass In Rheinberg plant 

In 2019, Solvay invested in a new biomass boiler at its soda ash plant in Rheinberg, Germany, a decision that will cut the site’s CO₂ emissions by more than 30% (190 kt/year) while at the same time improving its competitiveness.

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The installation of solar panels in Walcourt, Belgium

Solvay developed a solar panels project in its Belgium limestone quarry, to increase the use of renewable energy for the site. With a surface of 1.4 ha, this photovoltaic farm is one of the largest solar energy installations in Belgium.

Algal biomass cells

The use of biomass for co-firing with coal in Rheinberg and Dombasle

Solvay uses biomass for co-firing with coal in the boilers of the plants, to reduce the use of coal, which consequently reduce CO2 emissions

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Solvay core value : safety

Safety is our core value and people protection is an integral part of the way we conduct our business. Thanks to our Safety Excellence Program, we are especially cautious to regularly review our process and monitor it on a daily basis so that every person producing, delivering or using our products do not take any risk. To that end, we regularly organize Safety Days, safety leadership courses and life saving rules training sessions.


Our relationships with communities

We are engaged in many societal actions that focus on Science, Youth, Employability & Education, Environment and Solidarity. Our goal is to facilitate the involvement of our teams in community projects. Discover some of our societal actions:

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