SOLVAir® Marine is a SOx scrubber system designed to comply with International Maritime Organization 2020 regulations and beyond. In addition, Solvair Marine removes 99% of particles, doesn’t release waste water back to the sea and can be installed without dry docking.

Thirty years ago Solvay has started to develop a process for flue gas treatment, which is today applied by more than 500 satisfied customers worldwide. In light of IMO regulations for the reduction of SOx emissions on ships, our team investigated how to adapt this well proven land solution to vessels. The first application will be a joint collaboration of Solvay, La Méridionale and Andritz.

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Why switching to SOLVAir® Marine?

  • Be compliant with IMO 2020 regulations and beyond

SOLVAir® Marine solution neutralizes SOx and 99% of particles from your HFO fuel without releasing any effluent back in the sea or in the air. Moreover SOLVAir® Marine facilitates residues treatment on land.

  • Choose a capital light SOx scrubber system, quick to install and easy to operate

The price gap between HFO and compliant fuel is steadily increasing. This leads us to believe that payback time for our SOLVAir® Marine scrubber system will be very interesting even for the most demanding ship owners.

  • Take care of your operators and facilitate their jobs

Sodium based, SOLVAir® Marine sorbents can be handled with ease thanks to their characteristic properties of being neutral, non corrosive, non-irritant and non-toxic.

  • Concentrate on your core business

Thanks to Solvay's global presence, we can provide logistical custom made solution worldwide. Moreover, our dry scrubber is a very simple system, consequently there is a low sensitivity of failure and lower maintenance cost.


How our sulphur oxides removal scrubber system for marine environment works?


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SOLVAir® dry Scrubber brings many advantages compared to wet scrubbers

  • Comparable SOx reduction rate

  • Higher particle removal rate (> 99 %)

  • No dry docking required for installation and combination with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) DeNOX possible

  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX. Example: less internal power consumption (no pumps for washing water)

  • Low sensitivity to failure : negligible effect on backpressure to the engine

  • Smaller effort for maintenance and operation due to simplicity of the process and the neutrality of the sorbent

  • No effluent released to the sea

  • Residues treatment on land facilitated


IMO Key number

IMO has set a global limit for sulphur in fuel oil used on board ships to reduce the shipping’s impact on the environment.

The sulphur cap will be 0.50% m/m (mass to mass) after January 1st 2020.

    SOLVAY, a unique global reach

    Thanks to our existing logistics network, we can provide safety of supply through our international network of plants and sales offices. 


    Soda Solvay Network logistic transportation soda ash

    An innovative SOx and particulate filter system, a world first in the Maritime sector.

    La Méridionale PR communication - October 2018

    From April 2019, The SOLVair® Marine solution will be installed in the Piana, La Méridionale flagship. The trial campaign will concern one engine and will take place over 6 months.