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With Solwatt®, Solvay improves energy performance and reduces the environmental footprints of industrial sites across multiple sectors. Solwatt® is qualified by AFNOR for regulatory industrial energy audits (EN 16247) and prepares for the ISO 50001 certification.

Solwatt® Energy Review

Solwatt® engineers conduct a full energy review of industrial sites and identify a list of improvement actions and Energy Performance Indicators, leading to energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, and better energy management.  

Based on the Solwatt® Energy Review, our experts partner with site managers & operators to implement a sound Energy Management System, allowing a reduction in energy bill and in CO2 emissions. A “mindset and behaviour” workstream identifies another list of actions, allowing the development of a real “energy efficiency culture”.

The Solwatt® Energy Review has been implemented since 2011 in more than 100 industrial sites across various sectors, all over the world. It identified more than 3000 actions and global energy savings of 200 M€/year, with a return on investment inferior to 3 years.

Solwatt® Energy Performance Contract

Solwatt® Energy Performance Contract is an innovative business structure giving industrials the opportunity to implement the actions identified by a Solwatt® Energy Review without requiring CAPEX, those being supported by Solvay. 

Solvay's expertise is built on its own experience in optimizing the energy performance of its production sites.

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