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Our carbon neutral chemistry

Based on an innovative model in the chemical and textile sectors, Solvay launches its first Carbon Neutral Portfolio, limited to Brazil and USA. This is another step in the journey that the company has been taking to neutralize its carbon emissions. 

Since 2005, Solvay’s Paulínia Industrial Plant in Brazil, where this portfolio is produced, has achieved a significant reduction of approximately 95% in emissions generated from its industrial activities and energy consumption. Now, in addition to new internal reduction projects, the company has decided to contribute to today's net-zero social goal.

The remaining product emissions from the raw materials and manufacturing are offset by the purchase and retirement of carbon credits generated from a reforestation project in the Amazon rainforest. The project, located on Fazenda São Nicolau, in the municipality of Cotriguaçu, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, is based on carbon removal by reforestation of native trees in the Amazon Forest region.  Carbon credits generated by the project are obtained from the Office National des Forêts – Brazil (ONF Brazil), which manages the project. 

Use the links below to find out more about Solvay's Carbon Neutral portfolio:

The carbon-neutral claim is valid only for Brazil and the United States. Rhodia Brazil, a Solvay Group company that markets the carbon-neutral portfolio, is a B2B (Business to Business) company, i.e., its products are intended for industrial use and are not made available to the general public and end users/consumers. Rhodia Brazil's carbon neutral products were neutralized by reductions in the carbon footprint and by offsetting the remaining emissions via carbon removal by reforestation with native species, considering the emissions from the extraction of the raw material until the shipment of the product from Rhodia Brazil’s sites (“cradle to gate” scope). This is a way to contribute to the net-zero achievement in the value chain. Should our customers and/or customers of our customers intend to announce the neutrality of their products derived from Rhodia Brazil's carbon neutral products, they should assess the situation at their own risk and responsibility, and must reduce and offset the downstream emissions after Rhodia Brazil’s gate and secure the compliance with the applicable product neutrality claim legislation into force in those countries where they market or intend to market their products.