How can chemistry foster sustainable fish farming?

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PARAMOVE®  – A success story for the aquaculture industry

Solvay has developed a major breakthrough for aquaculture – a long-term sustainable solution for sea lice control for the salmon farming industry – called PARAMOVE®.

Over 40 percent of the fish consumed in the human food chain today is grown on fish farms and this figure is expected to grow to 75 percent by 2025. In the salmon farming industry, the main disease that can affect production and expansion is sea lice. Our hydrogen peroxide based Paramove® solution helps to control this problem. 

Salmon are immersed in PARAMOVE® and the hydrogen peroxide attacks the lice without harming the fish. The hydrogen peroxide quickly breaks down into oxygen and water, leaving no damage to the environment.

Besides its environmental benefits, PARAMOVE® offers other advantages, including:

• Flexible dosing solutions
• Short treatment times
• Immediate lice removal
• Instantaneous measurement of treatment concentration
• Withdrawal period meat: Zero Days