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Going Beyond Solvay

At Solvay, we’re conscious of having an impact that extends beyond our organization, and of making sure that impact is a positive one. That includes supporting initiatives that enhance the quality of life for people around the world and promote the wellbeing of the local communities we work in and with. Encouraging and investing in the values of openness, tolerance, and equality that we embrace as a business. 

It’s why we establish partnerships with external organizations. These alliances help enrich our DEI journey through a variety of actions such as learning initiatives and best practice sharing. We’re proud to work with the following organizations to help us advance inclusivity, within and outside of Solvay, and will continue to grow our DEI collaborations in the future: 

Partnerships & Alliances

Our DEI commitment goes beyond Solvay. By fostering strong relationships with like-minded people and programs, our employees are able to connect and collaborate with prestigious partners, so they can access meaningful development opportunities to thrive in the workplace, and beyond. Here are some examples.



A leading global nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion. The organization’s network of over 500 businesses expands opportunities for people with disabilities around the world. Disability:IN’s head office and 25 affiliates serve as a collective voice effecting change in business for people with disabilities. Initiatives include focusing on digital accessibility, hosting an employer roundtable for neurodiversity at work, and running a next generation leadership program for college students and recent graduates with disabilities.

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A youth-led movement bringing positive change to the world. The project champions are helping replace negative stereotypes and misinformation about being transgender and non-binary, presenting the world with positive stories about young non-binary and transgender people who are thriving. The organization, which launched in 2017, is now active globally. 

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Out & Equal

Through their worldwide programs, Fortune 500 partnerships, and transformative events, Out & Equal helps LGBTQ+ individuals flourish – supporting organizations in creating a culture of belonging for all and establishing LGBTQ+ workplace equality. Among the Out & Equal programs are DEI education in the workplace; inclusion frameworks with a regional focus on LGBTQ+ community engagement groups; and their annual Summit, the largest LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion event in the world.

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