Solvay is proud to be part of the largest international composites show

At JEC World, we will showcase how we are leading the industrialization of the composites industry through technologies and processes to maximize affordability and broaden the adoption of composites.

We will be featuring our latest thermoset and thermoplastic composite technologies and automated manufacturing processes for industries such as automotive, aerospace and oil and gas. Learn more about our composite technology solutions.

Whether you’re looking for innovative ideas, new partners, or a look into the future of composites, JEC World offers the largest international exhibition of composite materials. Join us at JEC World and network with over 43,500 international professionals from academic, research to industry.

The Industrialization Era

Get Inspired with Solvay’s Keynote Session

Solvay Composite Materials President, Carmelo Lo Faro, will be concluding JEC World 2020 with a Keynote session titled “The Industrialization Era."

Experience Solvay’s Latest Innovation Nominated for the JEC Innovation Award

Attend the JEC Innovation Award Ceremony to see us - and our new product CYCOM® EP2750 - nominated for recognition by composites industry experts. This ceremony identifies, promotes, and rewards the most innovative composite projects worldwide. Come see our latest innovation!