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02 Dec 2020

Live Webinar: Reinforce metal-to-metal adhesive bond strength with advanced polymers

Forging stronger structural metal-to-adhesive bonds with surface-active specialty polymers

Construction, aerospace and automotive OEMs have embarked a quest for suitable bonding technologies to replace physical fasteners as they search for ways to improve structural lightweighting.  

Joint durability is the key success parameter that will enable wide-scale adoption of bonding technologies in heavy duty, structural applications.  

Join our webinar to hear Jim Creeley and Dr. Marie-Pierre Labeau offer their insights into the science of how surface-active polymers can increase adhesive bond durability and share news about Solvay’s break-through treatment bonding technologies.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • The challenges of moving to adhesive bonding technology and current practices.
  • Modern approaches for testing adhesive bonding and demonstrating structural bond durability.
  • How polymers can be used to replace or enhance existing treatment technologies.


Industrial Process Solutions provides advanced ingredients to the formulators of Metal Treatment in the market of Automotive, Aerospace and Construction to enhance adhesive bonding and improve sustainability both at process level and for the end user.

Webinar details

Subject: Reinforce metal-to-metal adhesive bond strength with advanced polymers

Online presentation available on-demand


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