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28 Nov 2023
30 Nov 2023

Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 - Frankfurt - Germany

Solvay at Food Ingredients Europe 2023

Meet us at Food Ingredients Europe 2023, Booth #3.1L30

Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) is one of the largest and professional trade shows in the field of food additives and ingredients.

At Solvay, we help support the world's ever-increasing demand for food while still answering consumer desires for healthier, safer, tastier, and more natural meals.

We also work closely with our customers to implement rigorous aseptic packaging, cleaning-in-place and food contact sanitation practices to ensure that food and beverages are produced and packaged in a safe and sterile environment.

Come and meet us, Booth #3.1L30! 

CONFERENCE - Natural Vanillin Advantages for Nutrition Products

Tuesday 21st, November 2023 - 12:00 PM CEST - Available on demand

The food market is currently facing a shift in social dynamics contributing to a strong performance in the global nutrition market, moving from a sport and weight management focus to a wider health and wellness category. 

In this context, plant-based proteins are proving popular linked to heightened consumer awareness on nutrition generally. Nevertheless, plant-based proteins bring challenges for food developers and manufacturers. 

Widely known for its flavouring capacity, natural vanillin is the solution of choice to mask off-notes and bitterness. 

Please join and discover how to tackle and meet key nutritional challenges such as masking off notes, Clean Labeling while delivering a beloved taste!

Corinne Duffy - Solvay

Corinne Duffy

Technical Marketing Manager at Solvay

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