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WPC 2022



Solvay is strengthening its presence in the international Air Care and Fragrance segments at World Perfumery Congress (June 29 - July 1 in Miami, Florida), introducing innovations and new applications of products with great potential in these markets. These technologies include Rhovanil® Natural CW natural vanillin* and a bio-based portfolio of solvents, solubilizers and polymers, such as Augeo® and Mirapol®. Solvay will simultaneously announce important advances in sustainability, such as winning the WHC certification in its oxygenated solvents industrial unit in Brazil.

Solvay owns a long expertise with vanillin notes that support numerous fine and functional fragrances. With the recent growing capacity announcement of Rhovanil® Natural CW, a natural vanillin obtained by bioconversion from ferulic acid found in rice bran, Solvay brings a future-proof supply to support the natural trend in Perfumery. In addition, Solvay is working to expand its portfolio around mass balance and bio-based solutions for fragrances, matching the Perfumery sustainable challenges towards more circularity and renewable feedstocks usages among others.

In a period of uncertainties, supply security is also key. Solvay Eugenol Synth, launched in 2021, is the alternative to natural eugenol that is facing regular issues. Natural eugenol is obtained from cloves, harvested only in specific Asia pacific countries impacted by climate changes. Solvay Eugenol Synth offers a perfect 1 on 1 switch in fragrances, flavor and oral care applications. 

Sustainability is a key driver of continuous improvements &  new developments at Solvay. For our vanillin & ethyl vanillin products, we actively drive the transition to renewable energy, with ambition to reduce even further the carbon footprint to support the F&F Industry in reaching its own Climate goals.


Bio-based solutions

At Solvay, sustainability is always part of the value proposition of our high performance solutions, which are designed to support our customers in their technical challenges within different applications. For the fragrance industry, Solvay offers solubilizers and emulsifiers such as the brands Mirasoft® and Alkamuls®, and also bio-polymers such as Jaguar® and Rheozan® BLC, which are used not only to guarantee full solubilization of the fragrance but also long term stability, specially for concentrated products. Besides guaranteeing the required performance, those products can also help customers to meet their targets on natural content and biodegradability. Jaguar® is also used as a bio-polymer for fragrance encapsulation.

For fragrance emanation and long lasting, our solvents can be used not only in the dilution but also as carriers, by helping to deliver the fragrance into the environment, maximizing its sensorial performance. Augeo® Clean Multi has a low carbon footprint, no oral or inhalation toxicity, very low odor and the right evaporation profile, enhancing the fragrance’s sensorial profile. For markets that require Vegan certification, Augeo® Crystal is the right solution. Rhodiasolv® Polarclean is a readily biodegradable solvent with excellent solubility power that can be used as a fragrance carrier to slow down the evaporation of air care products.


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* In the whole document, when "natural vanillin" is mentioned, it must be understood as "Natural vanillin, obtained by a biotechnological process from a source other than vanilla"