It is our belief that science is the solution to tomorrow’s greatest concerns. Meet our team of scientists from around the globe who make it all possible. As true incubators of scientific solutions, Solvay’s scientists face multiple challenges every day; however they remain driven by their passion and expertise. Their leadership is crucial in motivating our teams to overcome these challenges and define the future of our world.


Valérie Buissette

“Thanks to our high expertise in inorganic materials, we have been able to develop great differentiation in new domains such as catalysts for automotive emission control.”


Jean-Christophe Castaing

“Imagining innovative solutions for a better use of resources is an incredible job for a scientist who works on Soft Matter and related formulations!”


Mike Blair

“The composites market allows to make cleaner mobility. Being able to follow the development of lightweight solutions for cars and aircrafts makes me as proud as thrilled!"

Compass Research and Innovation Center, USA

Larry Hough

“The battery field is moving so fast, it is impossible not to be excited every day!”

Patrick Maestro speaking
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The prestigious "Légion d'honneur" awarded to one of our top scientists!

Patrick Maestro, the Scientific Director of Solvay Group, has been involved in many areas of investigations in materials science and contributed to many discoveries.