Hervé Tiberghien 

Chief People Officer

Appointed in:  2019
Born in: 1964 




Who is Hervé Tiberghien? 

Hervé Tiberghien is the Chief People Officer and a member of the Executive Committee at Solvay. With a strong background in both HR and industrial operations, he’s passionate about connecting people while attracting and developing the best talent. At Solvay, he is thriving to create an open space and culture, so all employees can truly be their authentic self at work. Before joining Solvay, Tiberghien served in a number of Operational and HR roles at PPG until becoming Chief Human Resources Officer, Vice President of Human Resources. His previous industrial positions include Director of Industrial Coatings facilities at PPG and EMEA Quality Director and Plant Director for automotive glass manufacturing operations at AGC in Belgium.

A French national, together with his family he has lived in Belgium, France, Switzerland and the United States. 


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