Did you know Solvay has been present in the United States since centuries?

Our transformation positioned the Group to have a more balanced global approach, strengthening our position in the US. But, did you know Solvay has been present in the United States since centuries?


1861 - Ernest Solvay files a patent in Belgium for the ammonia soda process.
1863 - Solvay & Cie founded by Ernest Solvay and his brother Alfred with startup capital of 136,000 francs.
1881 - Introduction of Solvay in the United States through the Solvay Process Company, considered the birthplace of the synthetic chemical industry in the United States. Syracuse was chosen for its salt beds and brine supply.
1884 - First soda produced at the Solvay Process Company (20 tons/day).
1884 - Village of Solvay is renamed after the Solvay Process Company plant was built. It was formerly called the Village of Geddesville after founder James Geddes.
1892 - Semet-Solvay Company formed to produce coke for Solvay process Company.
1895 - Detroit works formed to supply large number of glass factories in the area and to reduce freight costs from Syracuse.
1897 - Startup of Detroit plant.


1911 - Purchase of Kansas Chemical Mfg. Co., soda ash plant, in Hutchison, Kansas. Limestone was obtained from nearby Moline quarry.
1914 - Startup of Hutchinson plant.
1917 - Solvay merged with Pacific Coast Borax Co. in Searles Lakes, California to form Borosolvay plant for producing potash.  Potash imports from Germany were disrupted because of World War I, generating a need for new supply sources.
1917 - Utah Salduro Plant formed to produce potash in Salduro, Utah.
1917 - Bruner Mond Canada Ltd becomes part of Solvay in Amherstburg, Ontario. Located across the river from the Detroit works, it is the first  soda ash plant in Canada. Prior to this, Canada imported all soda ash from US and England. Upon arrival by Solvay in Amherstburg, a water purification plant was constructed taking number of cases of typhoid from 50, out of a population of 2500, to 0.  
1920 - Solvay Process Chemicals and Solvay Semet consolidated into Allied Chemical  and Dye Corporation.
1948 - Rhône-Poulenc’s purchase of the New Brunswick site is the first manufacturing facility in the US.
1956 - High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plant built at Deer Park, Texas by Celanese under license from Phillips Petroleum. Solvay in Italy was also an original Phillips licensee.
1957 - First HDPE produced at Deer park pilot plant. Hula hoops made of plastic burst onto the scene.
1958 - Acquisition of Hedwin, a plastics processing company in Baltimore, Maryland.
1974 - Solvay reenters the North American market in a significant way by purchasing the high-density polyethylene operation from Celanese to form Soltex Polymer Corporation. Plant capacity = 425 million pounds. Production from this facility was eventually used to manufacture 20-25% of milk jugs in America. Michel Osterrieth and René Degrève relocate from Europe to become Executive Vice President and CFO, respectively, for Soltex.
1975 - Soltex moves into its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.
1977 - Establishment of Kali-Chemie in Greenwich, Ct.
1977 - Solvay invests in ethylene cracker partnership, Corpus Christi Petrochemical Company (CCPC); Solvay manages pipelines and salt dome for partners.
1977 - Whitson Sadler becomes Vice Chairman and CEO of Soltex
1978 - Startup of polypropylene plant in Deer Park – capacity of 200 million pounds.
1978 - Joe Froidcoeur relocated from Brussels and David Birney from London to establish Interox America.
1979 - Interox begins hydrogen peroxide production at the Deer Park site.
1980 - Startup of PCS (Sodium percarbonate) plant in Deer Park, Texas.
1980 - New Deer Park Administration building is built.
1982 - Laporte Industries (Holdings) PLC and Solvay Cie., S.A. purchase PPG Industries’ H2O2 business.
1984 - Solvay America established as a holding company.
1986 - Solvay acquires Reid Rowell, a U.S. pharmaceutical company.
1987 - Acquired Stauffer Chemicals, USA a food phosphates and sulfuric acid regeneration business.
1988 - Chemical Manufacturers’ Association begins Responsible Care® initiative. Soltex Polymer / Interox become members of ResponsibleCare®. 
1988 - Solvay divests interest in CPCC.
1988 - Acquired Monsanto, USA a acetyl salicylic acid and paracetamol business.
1988 - Solvay SA celebrates its 125th anniversary.
1989 - Hydrogen peroxide plant built in Longview, Washington.
1989 - Solvay expands into Mexico with acquisition of Sales y Oxidos S.A. de C.V. from Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
1990 - Partnership agreement between Dexter (RPI), Inc. and Solvay Compounding, Inc. and Research Polymers International Corporation creates D&S Plastics.
1990 - Establishment of the joint venture between Rhône-Poulenc Pharmaceuticals and the American company Rorer.
1990 - Construction and opening of Soltex Technical Center in Deer Park, Texas.
1990 - Soltex Polymer Corporation changes name to Solvay Polymers, Inc. Solvay starts using Solvay name in subsidiaries.
1990 - Solvay Polymers/Interox Deer Park Recycle Committee formed – “Recycle Plastics – It’s Time”. The plastics recycled were subsequently used in part to make park benches still being used on the Solvay grounds at Greenway in Houston and various other areas in the surrounding community.
1990 - Rhône-Poulenc merged its specialty surfactants business in the United States with the GAF Corporation marking the company’s long history in North America.
1991 - Reid-Rowell formally adopts the name Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1991 - Deer Park site named Deer Park’s Industry of the Year.
1991 - Permanent Interox office building constructed in Deer Park.
1991 - Sodium perborate monohydrate (PBS-1) plant built in Deer Park.
1992 - Solvay America gets the use of Solvay name from Allied Corporation.
1992 - Interox America becomes Solvay Interox through purchase of shares from Laporte Industries.
1992 - Solvay America acquires Tenneco Minerals Company, renames it Solvay Minerals, Inc., and relocates its headquarters to Houston, Texas.
1992 - Solvay Interox awarded ISO 9002 certification – the first U.S. producer of hydrogen peroxide to obtain registration.
1992 - Solvay America corporate headquarters established in newly constructed building at 3333 Richmond Avenue in Houston, Texas. 
1993 - The Park People, Inc. in Houston, Texas recognize the beautiful landscaping and preservation of trees on the grounds surrounding the new corporate headquarters building. The Park People present an award to Solvay America for its efforts to preserve, enhance and increase Houston-area parks and green space.
1993 - Solvay Polymers awarded ISO 9002 certification for the manufacturing and delivery systems for polyethylene and polypropylene at Deer Park, Texas and Houston, Texas.
1993 - Solvay Management Services formed to provide core administrative services to  the 3 manufacturing companies.
1994 - Deer Park launches cardboard recycling effort.
1994 - Solvay Polymers becomes only plastic resin supplier to have its entire product line certified kosher. This certification ensures that food and beverage containers made from Solvay resins meet the strict dietary requirements of religious and secular groups.
1995 - S.E.A.H.A.W.K. (Safely Ending All Harmful Accidents With Knowledge) Committee founded – Deer Park’s behavior-based safety process.
1995 - Acquisition of the brazing flux business and related assets in Catoosa, Oklahoma  from Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. (Solvay Specialty Chemicals & Solvay  Fluorides).
1996 - Polypropylene gas-phase line III starts up in Deer Park, Texas. Total capacity increases to 780 million pounds.
1997 - Solvay America purchases remaining 50% interest in D&S Plastics (renamed Solvay Engineering Polymers) from the Dexter Corporation.
1997 - Startup of Solkatronics Catoosa Plant.
1997 - Solvay Interox, Inc. completes A097 hydrogen line.
1997 - PVDF technical assistance & basic engineering services agreement between Solvay S.A. and Solvay Advanced Polymers.
1998 - Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. acquires US marketing rights to Prometrium from Schering –Plough Corp.
1998 - Rhodia became a public company when shares of its stock began trading on the Paris Bourse and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RHA).
1998 - Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC and Dyneon LLC create Alventia, LLC.
1998 - Rhône-Poulenc merged its pharmaceutical and agricultural businesses with those of the Hoescht chemical company of Germany to form Aventis pharmaceuticals.
1999 - Acquisition of 100% ownership of Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. by Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1999 - Acquisition of US marketing rights to Aceon®, a drug to treat high blood pressure.
1999 - Acquisition of Teveten, an anti-hypertensive, from SmithKline Beecham.
1999 - Solvay Polymers, Inc. started up Polypropylene Line 3.
1999 - Alkor Draka Advanced Films, Inc. acquires Ellay, Inc.


2000 - Solvay Automotive forms joint venture with Plastics Omnium. Solvay Automotive was one of the first companies to make fuel systems and  other car parts from plastic.
2000 - Acquisition of Albright & Wilson making Rhodia the world’s leading producer of specialty phosphates
2000 - Solvay Fluorides, Inc. acquires assets of Chemtech Products, Inc.
2000 - Acquisition of ChiRex, a Boston-based company specializing in contract pharmaceutical research.
2000 - Solvay Fluorides, Inc. acquires Norfluor S.A. de C.V. in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. This later becomes Solvay Fluor Mexico S.A. de C.V., a Ciudad Juarez affiliate of Solvay Fluorides, manufacturing hydrogen fluoride.
2001 - Solvay America acquires BP Amoco Polymers, Inc. and creates Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C. As part of the same transaction, Solvay America sells its polypropylene business to BP and joint ventures its high-density polyethylene business to create BP SolvayPolyethyleneNorth America.
2001 - Creation of Peptisyntha, Inc. (manufacturer of bulk peptides for use by the pharmaceuticals industry).
2002 - Acquisition of Ausimont, fluorinated specialties manufacturer. Ausimont assets were joined with Solvay’s fluoropolymer activities to form Solexis –  SOLvay EXcellence In Science. North American headquarters in Thorofare, New Jersey.
2003 - Purchase of American Soda, LLP.
2004 - David Birney becomes President of Solvay America, Inc., upon Whitson Sadler’s retirement.
2004 - Rhodia sells its North American specialty phosphates business to Bain Capital. 
2004 - Consolidation of Solvay Minerals and Solvay Interox to form Solvay Chemicals, Inc. 
2004 - Acquisition of Italmex, located in Mexico City, part of the pharmaceuticals business addressing the areas of gastroenterology, cardiology, mental health and men’s and women’s health.
2005 - Acquisition of Organics LaGrange by Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
2005 - Sale of Solvay Industrial Films to Renolit, A.G.
2005 - Solvay acquires 75% of Girindus (research-based company with operations in Germany and the U.S.) for manufacture and development of proprietary chemical specialties and processes.
2005 - Solvay America sells its interest in BP Solvay Polyethylene North America to its joint venture partner, BP.
2006 - René Degrève becomes President and CEO of Solvay America, Inc., upon David Birney’s retirement.
2006 - Solvay & CPC Barium Strontium Monterrey S de RL de C.V. formed in Monterrey, Mexico (formerly Solvay Química y Minera, S.A. de C.V.), a global joint venture to provide worldwide management of the partners’ barium carbonate and strontium carbonate technical grades, sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfite and strontium nitrate businesses.
2006 - Solvay acquires Fournier Pharma, a global, research-based pharmaceutical company adding a strong product line in dyslipidemia to Solvay Pharmaceuticals’ cardio-metabolic portfolio.
2006 - Acquisition of  Maxdem, Inc. and Mississippi Polymer Technologies, Inc. in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi by Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C.
2007 - Formation of Solvay North America, LLC.
2008 - Solvay agrees to sell Solvay Engineered Polymers, Inc., a leading supplier of polypropylene compounds in North America, to Basell Polyolefins, the global leader in advanced polyolefins.
2010 - Solvay sells its Pharma Business Sector to Abbot Laboratories.
2010 - Rhodia sold its Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) production facility to Toronto-based Siltech, Corp., a manufacturer of silicone-based ingredients for personal care markets.
2011 - Adoption of the Horizon project establishing the new Solvay. Houston designated headquarters for the Regional Business Unit Essential Chemicals North America and Georges Crauser named as President.
2011 - Solvay S.A. acquires Rhodia, French specialty chemicals producer.
2011 - ISO Certification Awarded to North America Purchasing
2012 - Solvay North America Corporate Headquarters building at 3333 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas sold.
2012 - Solvay joins the “Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovation List,” honoring the most innovative corporations and institutions in the world.
2013 - Sale of Peptisyntha, marking Solvay’s exit from Life Sciences.
2013 - Solvay listed as a member of the European Dow-Jones Sustainability Index for sustainable development performance.
2013 - Solvay America named Responsible Care® Company of the Year Award by the American Chemistry Council for superior performance in environmental, health, safety and security.
2013 - Solvay acquires U.S.-based Chemlogics, extending its Oil & Gas Chemical Solutions Business.
2013 - Solvay S.A. celebrates its 150-year anniversary with global celebrations.
2014 - Solvay completes the acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Plextronics, Inc. to bolster its Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) electronic display technology and launch a new development platform with a strong Asian foothold.
2014 - Divestment of Eco Services, the sulfuric acid virgin production and regeneration business, to affiliates of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC.
2014 - Acquisition of Ryton® PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) business from US-based Chevron Phillips Company. The acquisition includes a pilot plant in Borger, Texas, an R&D lab in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and a compounding plant in Kallo-Beveren, Belgium.
2014 - Solvay opens a laboratory and production facility in Killdeer, North Dakota, and expands it range of tailored formulations that facilitate extraction in the Bakken Shale Formation.
2015 - Solvay and Enirgi Chemicals announce the formation of SOLVAir® Natural Solutions, LLC, a 50-50 joint venture. It addresses the demand for air pollution control applications with sodium bicarbonate based products.
2015 - Solvay moves its Houston headquarters to 3737 Buffalo Speedway, Suite 800 in Houston, Texas.
2015 - Solvay expands its hydrogen peroxide facility in Longview, Wa. to meet growing demands from pulp and paper producers in the US. 
2015 - Solvay opens Pasadena, Texas plant which operates a large-scale, "on pipe" alkoxylation unit. 
2015 - Inovyn, PVC producer, is formed as a joint venture between Ineos and Solvay.
2015 - Solvay makes a step-change it its transformation with the acquisition of Cytec.
2016 - Solvay moves its New Jersey Headquarters to 504 Carnegie Center in Princeton.
2016 - Solvay launches a level 1 ADR program in the US, ADRs are traded over-the-counter (OTC).

2017 - Construction has begun on the site of the future “Solvay Solar Energy, Jasper County, SC” solar farm, a 900-acre, 71-megawatt facility south of Charleston, South Carolina. Underscoring the
Group’s global sustainability commitment, Solvay agreed to buy all the farm's renewable energy
certificates for 15 years.

2017 - New peroxides capacity was installed adjacent to an existing plant at Longview, Washington.

2018 - Solvay qualifies to trade on the OTCQX® Best Market and upgrades to OTCQX from the Pink® market.

2018 - Solvay announces the nomination of Ilham Kadri as its first female CEO. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Solvay strongly believes that diversity of genders, cultures, but also of perspectives and experiences is a key asset for ensuring its permanent re-invention.

2019 - Ilham Kadri appointed CEO of the Solvay Group with effect from March 1st, 2019. Dr. Kadri is a world citizen with Moroccan-French roots and professional experience across four continents. During her 22-year career, she has held diverse positions at top multinationals including Shell-Basell, UCB-Cytec, Huntsman, Rohm Haas-Dow Chemical, Sealed Air and Diversey.

2019 - Solvay expands vanilla offering to support natural food trend in the USA

2019 - Solvay is expanding its thermoplastic composites capacity with a new production line at its U.S. facility in Anaheim, California, underscoring its commitment to meeting strong demand growth from aerospace customers for this high performance material and Solvay’s proprietary and unique technology.