Welcome to the Investor relations toolkit for analysts & investors

In this section, we provide a tailor-made toolkit to analysts & investors seeking to access easily financial information, overview of current trends and knowledge about the Group. 

Additionally,  Solvay Investor relations team facilitates an open dialog and builds a long-term relationship with the investment community based on credibility and trust by providing accurate information in a transparent, timely, and meaningful manner.

We aim at accompanying you in your understanding of Solvay business and strategy, leading to a fair valuation by the market. Should you need additional information, you can contact the Investor relations department through this form.

Ilham Kadri visiting Solvay's historical site in Bernburg Germany

Our new strategy G.R.O.W.

Solvay just released its strategy review, with a clear objective of unleashing and accelerating value creation.  Ilham Kadri, CEO and Karim Hajjar, CFO will share with you our strategy roadmap during a webcast starting at 2pm, Brussels time.

Close up laboratory scientist

What makes Solvay a sustainable investment?

Find in Solvay investment fact sheet the reasons to invest in a leader of the chemical industry landscape.


Financial reporting

Solvay quarterly publishes results, financial reports, consensus and presentations to keep analysts and investors informed of the Group's performance. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about our publications.

2018-integrated annual report

Solvay Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Integrated Report explains how our employees across the world, through their constant commitment and expertise, strive to achieve the best and serve you, our stakeholders.