Here are the 5 reasons that make Solvay a sustainable investment

Our ambition is to lead the reshaping of the global chemical industry and to deliver solutions that will meet the planet’s sustainability challenges. Get a quick overview of the 5 reasons why Solvay is a sustainable investment:

  1. We provide mission critical solutions in fast-growth end-markets, supporting blue chip manufacturers & brands globally
  2. We are technology focused in Advanced Materials & Advanced Formulations, powered by innovation & market leadership positions
  3. We have the highest EBITDA margin within diversified chemical companies propelled by volumes, underpinned by efficiency
  4. We delivered dividend growth over 30 years and drove strong cash generation by focusing on cash returns
  5. We are future proofing the business with sustainability at its core: we deliver more value that stands the test of time

Get a quick overview of the Solvay Group and its attractiveness as an investment

Updated each year in March, Solvay fact sheet is simple and easy to understand, providing a high-level visual overview of our company, our structure, key financial objectives, share listings and more...

Additional extensive information about Solvay business operations, strategy, and financial performance may be found in a wide variety of regulatory filings, such as financial press releases, the Annual Integrated report, quarterly reports and presentations.