Solvay strives to create sustainable long-term value 

We aim to reshape the global chemical industry by delivering solutions that meet the world’s sustainability challenges and provide critical solutions in fast-growth markets.

Focused on sustainable value creation and powered by innovation, Solvay represents an attractive investment in the chemical industry landscape. We focus on creating long-term value and we do so efficiently, which results in steady annual revenue and cash generation, a strong track record of continued shareholders distribution with a stable dividend, and one of the highest margins among our competitors. And above all, sustainable value creation is at the core of the way we conduct business.

You’ll find illustrations in Solvay various investor presentations, our financial reports and our annual report of how we relentlessly work to enhance Solvay investment profile to make it one of the best chemicals stock to buy shares of and invest in sustainably.

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7 reasons to invest in Solvay


Why invest - megatrends2

Growth potential fuelled by megatrends

Why invest - global4

Global scale and portfolio resilience

Why invest - resilience1

Proven resilience through crises

Why invest - leadership3

Key leadership positions

Why invest - ESG5

Bold ESG ambitions

Why invest - customer obsession7

Customer partnerships drive innovation

Why invest - dividend6

Consistently rewarding shareholders over time

Why we operate, what we do and how we do it... in a nutshell

How to start your research on Solvay?

The Financial reporting section gives you a quick access to Solvay financial statements, results,  financial filings, annual reports, statutory accounts, financial and extra financial data.

Check out our past investor webcasts, events and presentations and learn more about our G.R.O.W. strategy, designed to drive growth, cash and returns. To speed up Solvay's competitive results, we operate in 3 agile segments - Materials, Chemicals and Solutions - whose distinct mandates are geared to unleash the Group's full potential.


Quick downloads

Solvay investment fact sheet and annual reports gives investors and shareholders a quick overview of our company, its structure, key financial and extra-financial objectives, its stocks, share listings, and much more.

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