Ethics Helpline

Acting with integrity also means showing willingness and commitment to speak up when confronted with potential breaches of the law, regulations, policies and/or Solvay’s Code of Business Integrity. If you believe in good faith that such issues are occurring at Solvay, we encourage you to speak up.
Reports will be treated confidentially to the best extent possible. Limited disclosures will only be made if necessary for investigation or if required by law. When reporting a concern, you can choose to identify yourself or remain anonymous, where legally permitted. Solvay prohibits retaliation for reporting concerns in good faith. 

Every report will be carefully reviewed by the Ethics & Compliance team who will conduct an independent investigation when required, reflecting Solvay’s values and principles. 
Access the Ethics Helpline.
Our Ethics Helpline is available in 19 languages and in 63 countries, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for all Solvay employees and third parties, and is accessible through the toll-free phone lines or web intake. 

By speaking up we are protecting our culture of integrity at Solvay. It gives us the opportunity to address issues and risks and ensure our Code of Business Integrity is respected. We encourage employees to raise concerns when they believe something doesn't seem right. It's a responsibility we all have.

Veronique Roedolf, Chief Compliance Officer