Responding to resource efficiency and expanding healthcare


Our Chemicals segment is a world leader in chemical intermediates that are essential to daily life thanks to high-quality assets, scale and technology, developing applications and industrial innovation for optimized costs.

Global trends show healthcare and wellness are becoming a central priority. People aspire to live longer and healthier, through improved work-life balance. As of the end of 2020, 75% of the world’s population will have a personalized healthcare plan, leading to growth in the health and wellness market is expected to continue at an annual rate of > 6% in the coming years.

Equally, fast-growing population is a challenge for natural resources. Air, soil and water pollution and the increasing pressure on biodiversity are driving the search for new resource-efficient solutions. So too is climate change and the continuing bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, currently set to increase by 40% by 2030.


Specialized businesses for resource efficiency

Solvay offers leading technologies for the needs of many of the markets where resource efficiency is a key driver. Our Chemicals segment comprises mainly mono-technology businesses, including Soda Ash, Peroxides, Coatis, the Rusvinyl joint venture as well as Silica. These businesses have a strong track record of resilient cash generation and our ambition is to become top-players in cash conversion chemical player.

Strategic mono-technology businesses to deliver resilient cash via:

  • asset management is a key focus
  • focus on process innovation
  • leverage best-in-class global production assets.


Solutions by market

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High-performance polymers and composites technologies

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Unique formulation and application expertise