Press release

Paris, France, March 16th, 2017 – Solvay Novecare will showcase its industry-leading specialty Body, Skin and Hair care formulations at In-Cosmetics London 2017, booth #K10.  

“Innovative Sustainable Solutions”is the theme of Solvay’s booth, where visitors will be able to navigate through solution launches, participate in live demonstrations and discover more than 25 cleansing and conditioning solutions aligned with Solvay’s sustainable strategy.   

Launches of new formulas and products will answer today’s and tomorrow’s needs

This year, Solvay encourages visitors to discover two new personal care solutions:

  • Polycare Split Therapy® is a natural-based, easy-to-process and cost-effective hair active that heals at least 80% of split ends after first use, resists combing, and offers flexibility across end-products categories.  

  • Rheomer Low PH® is a new versatile rheological agent with excellent suspension, clarity, thickening and pleasant sensorial properties in acidic pH formulations [4 –5, 5] that enable customers to develop innovative textures in their formulations.

In skin care, we showcase sensory & formulation solutions, including a number of natural based technologies to help formulators meet consumer needs in skin care sensory and multi-functionality. Visitors will be able to experience skin care formulations meeting current market trends developed with our innovative ingredients.

Solvay — the official sponsor of the Sustainability Corner!

Solvay considers all sustainable development issues throughout the development of a product or formula and is proud to be able to share that information publicly. Visit our booth to meet our team and hear presentations from our Sustainability Director in an open theatre and get involved in debating the key aspects of sustainability.


Solvay is a multi-specialty chemical company, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. Solvay innovates and partners with customers in diverse global end markets. Its products and solutions are used in planes, cars, smart and medical devices, batteries, in mineral and oil extraction, among many other applications promoting sustainability. Its lightweighting materials enhance cleaner mobility, its formulations optimize the use of resources and its performance chemicals improve air and water quality. Solvay is headquartered in Brussels with around 27,000 employees in 58 countries. Pro forma net sales were € 10.9 billion in 2016, with 90% from activities where Solvay ranks among the world’s top 3 leaders. Solvay SA (SOLB.BE) is listed on Euronext Brussels and Paris (Bloomberg: SOLB.BB - Reuters: SOLB.BR) and in the United States its shares (SOLVY) are traded through a level-1 ADR program.