Hanover, May 2nd, 2018 --- Solvay announces that the UK High Court has judged Solvay Patent EP 1435338 relating to certain ceric oxides used in automotive exhaust catalysts, to be valid and infringed by Neo activities in the UK. No permission to appeal has been granted at this time.

In December 2017, the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany had previously judged that Neo infringed the German part of the same patent and granted an injunction.  An appeal is pending but Neo did not deny infringement of the patent. 

Neo’s claim that it will sell its products into patent-free countries - an attempt to minimize Neo’s direct exposure - and its suggestion that it would work with customers to avoid directly concerned jurisdictions, will put at risk the supply chain of their customers and that of the downstream automotive manufacturers; infringing acts are not limited to importation, sale and use of the ceric oxide materials. Catalysts containing these materials are also covered in the patent claim. Thus, in Germany for example, infringing acts also include their development and use. This applies even if catalyst production has been relocated to a country with no direct patent protection.

Solvay will seek to recover full damages from Neo.


Neo is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Neo Performance Materials Inc., which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and which has closed its initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange on December 8, 2017.



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