Press release

Aubervilliers, October 9, 2017 --- Solvay’s AgRho® NH4 Protect, an innovative nitrification inhibitor solution, has been granted authorization for sale in France by The National Agency for Health, Food, Environment and Work Safety (ANSES).

AgRho® NH4 Protect is part of a patented range of eco- and user-friendly solutions of urease and nitrification inhibitors developed and commercialized by Solvay under the AgRho N-Protect brand umbrella. 

With the July 12 approval for sales in France, AgRho® NH4 Protect can now be used in the following fertilizer applications:

  • Urea  ammonium nitrate (UAN) liquid fertilizer with an application rate of 5 to 10 L per cubic meter of UAN 
  • Ammonium sulfate nitrate (ASN) solid fertilizer with an application rate of 2,2 to 4,4 L per metric ton of ASN
  • Manure and slurry organic fertilizer with an application rate of 5 to 10 L per hundred kg of organic nitrogen

“ANSES decision allows Solvay to market in France this unique, innovative solution that enhances the efficiency of fertilizers that benefit farmers, the environment and the climate,” said Jean-Charles Djelalian, Global Director for Fertilizers at Solvay. “We will now apply for mutual recognition of the French registration in other European Union member states. Additionally, we will submit extensions for other fertilizer applications, such as urea or calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) and ammonium sulphate (AMS).” 

AgRho® NH4 Protect is the first ever liquid formulation of dicyandiamide (DCD), a well-known nitrification inhibitor which protects the environment and climate by preventing nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions.  

Solvay’s unique competitive, stable liquid formulation delivers strong performance at a reduced unit dose of DCD. AgRho® NH4 Protect is so efficient that Solvay recommends an application rate four times below the minimum quantity foreseen by the European Regulation for Fertilizers. This lower application rate is the reason AgRho® NH4 Protect had to submit to national registration in Europe, despite its availability in other regions of the world since its introduction in 2014.

Fields trials conducted in the last three years by several technical institutes confirm that AgRho® NH4 Protect improves nitrogen use efficiency and increases yield up to 7 percent while reducing nitrate leaching and greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent.

Solvay will present AgRho® NH4 Protect at the Argus Europe Fertilizer 2017 conference to be held Oct. 18-20 in Barcelona.

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