New platform enhances performance and opportunities for expanding automotive applications

DETROIT, Oct. 3, 2017---Solvay debuted today, at the 19th SPE TPO Automotive Engineered Polyolefins Conference, its latest stabilization technology, CYASORB® CYXTRA™ V9900 stabilizer to enable TPOs and reinforced plastics to meet government mandates for increased fuel economy and reduced COemissions.  The new regulations have created greater demand by the automotive industry for these materials to satisfy increasingly stringent performance requirements for weatherability.

Solvay’s next-generation CYASORB® CYXTRA™ V9900 stabilizer meets all worldwide automotive UV weathering specifications. It also surpasses key automotive requirements such as low VOC emission, low fogging, low odor, and no interference with paint adhesion, and it provides a lower “cost-to-stabilize” benefit.

The US Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard increases the mileage of new car models from 39 to over 50 miles per gallon by 2025, while in Europe OEMs must reduce COemissions for new cars to 95 g/km on average from 2020,” said Andrea Landuzzi, Global Marketing Director, Additive Technologies, for Solvay’s Technology Solutions global business unit. “The automotive industry is quickly turning to TPOs and CFRP to help them develop lighter, more fuel efficient automobiles with lower emissions.Solvay is committed to proactively engaging with our customers to understand their product specifications and help them – through our additive technology – to translate those specifications into successful products and applications.”

While many stabilizers commercially available today offer some level of plastic protection, Solvay’s advanced CYASORB® CYXTRA™ V9900 stabilizer takes protection a step further by delivering an optimal balance of processing and cost efficiencies with a high degree of performance durability, making it possible to deliver advanced solutions for plastics to meet tomorrow’s needs today.

CYASORB® CYXTRA™ V9900 stabilizer joins Solvay’s world-class UV stabilizer portfolio, which includes CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® V Series stabilizers that protect the physical properties and aesthetics of automotive TPOs against UV light exposure, extreme temperatures and other environmental factors. These advanced stabilizer solutions can enhance TPO performance in a broad range of automotive applications, including bumpers, door panels, seat back covers, pillar moldings, door trims, instrument panels, head and side impact areas, fender liners and flares, tail light housings and cowl vents.

® CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS and CYASORB CYXTRA are registered trademarks of Solvay.

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A global business unit of Solvay, Technology Solutions is comprised of three business lines: Mining Solutions, Phosphorus Specialties and Additive Technologies. The business innovates, manufactures and delivers sustainable solutions to its customers in the mining, agriculture, agrochemicals, automotive, electronics and industrial markets, among others. 

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