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Solvay joins the Cyber Security Coalition to strengthen digital defenses

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The Group joins the coalition to strengthen cyber defense and promote a secure digital environment, aligning with its global cybersecurity strategy.


Solvay has become a member of the Cyber Security Coalition, a key step to strengthen its cyber defense capabilities and build a solid and secure digital ecosystem. This membership aligns with Solvay’s dedication to protecting the integrity of its operations, the security of its supply chain and the privacy of customer data against the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats.

As digitalization continues to transform industries worldwide, cybersecurity becomes a critical aspect of operational resilience. Solvay’s engagement with the Coalition is part of its global cybersecurity policy, designed to protect the Group and its network of partners, customers, and stakeholders. 

The Cyber Security Coalition brings together a variety of stakeholders, including private sector entities, academic institutions, and governmental bodies, all committed to strengthening Belgium’s digital defenses. Solvay's participation provides a valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge, best practices, and discover innovative strategies to stay ahead of emerging threats, mitigate risks, and strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Brad Rector


"At Solvay, we view cybersecurity not just as a measure of defense but also as a collective responsibility,” said Brad Rector, Solvay's Chief Information Officer. “Our alliance with the Cyber Security Coalition empowers us to contribute more effectively to the national and international cybersecurity landscape, using shared knowledge to enhance our defenses and support our mission of delivering essential chemical solutions safely."

Though centered on Belgium's cyber defense, the Coalition's work is expected to significantly benefit Solvay on a global scale. The international diversity of its members complements the Group’s  worldwide operations, providing valuable perspectives for addressing widespread cybersecurity issues. 


Solvay joins the Cyber Security Coalition to strengthen digital defenses



Solvay, a pioneering chemical company with a legacy rooted in founder Ernest Solvay's pivotal innovations in the soda ash process, is dedicated to delivering essential solutions globally through its workforce of over 9,000 employees. Since 1863, Solvay harnesses the power of chemistry to create innovative, sustainable solutions that answer the world’s most essential needs such as purifying the air we breathe and the water we drink, preserving our food supplies, protecting our health and well-being, creating eco-friendly clothing, making the tires of our cars more sustainable and cleaning and protecting our homes. Solvay’s unwavering commitment drives the transition to a carbon-neutral future by 2050, underscoring its dedication to sustainability and a fair and just transition. As a world-leading company with €4.9 billion in net sales in 2023, Solvay is listed on Euronext Brussels and Paris (SOLB). For more information about Solvay, please visit or follow Solvay on Linkedin. 

The mission of the Cyber Security Coalition is to bolster Belgium’s cyber security resilience by building a strong cyber security ecosystem. We do so by bringing together the skills and expertise of the academic world, the private sector and public authorities on a trust-based platform aimed at fostering information exchange, operational peer-to-peer collaboration, making recommendations for more effective policies and guidelines, and finally carrying out joint awareness-raising campaigns aimed at citizens and organisations. More than 1,200 representatives of our 170+ member organizations participate in our activities and as such contribute to our mission. For more information about the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition, visit