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New Radel® R-7159 colors build on Solvay’s industry-proven polymer technology to offer cost-effective color matching to interior palettes of leading aircraft OEMs

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Nov. 19, 2015– Solvay Specialty Polymers, a leading global supplier of high-performance polymers, introduced a new series of pre-colored, injection-moldable Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resins for commercial aircraft interior applications. The new Radel® R-7159 colors build on the proven performance of Solvay’s Radel® PPSU chemistry by delivering a cost-effective way to match interior color standards established by leading aircraft OEMs.

“Solvay’s Radel® PPSU polymers have delivered proven solutions in commercial aircraft interiors for 25 years,” said Armin Klesing, global business development manager for Aerospace and Composites at Solvay Specialty Polymers. “With the launch of our pre-colored Radel® R-7159 products, we extend that legacy to include injection moldable resins that can cost-effectively meet exacting specifications for today’s commercial aircraft cabin interiors.”

Solvay formulated its Radel® R-7159 pre-colored grades to match interior color standards for leading aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing, with colors ranging from bright white to dark blues and grays. The colored grades expand upon the company’s Radel® R-7159 NT 50 PPSU, a well-recognized natural-colored commercial resin for general interior components suitable for painting.

Like all products in Solvay’s Radel® PPSU portfolio for aircraft interiors, the new tightly color-matched resins deliver excellent impact strength and resistance to commercial cleaners and insecticides. They also comply with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flammability regulations for materials used in aircraft cabin interiors. Specifically, they meet Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 25.853, Appendix F, Part 1 requirements for low flammability and heat release, low smoke generation and OEM standards for low toxic gas emissions.

The new pre-colored Radel® R-7159 resins are available from both Solvay and RTP Company, who recently signed a licensing agreement allowing it to manufacture and sell select aerospace-grade PPSUs under Solvay’s established Radel® brand and grade designations. The agreement offers greater flexibility to customers who wish to order Radel® R-7159 pre-colored resins in smaller lot sizes or in custom colors.

The Radel® R-7159 series is immediately available for Tier 1 and after-market suppliers. Qualification for large aerospace manufacturers is underway and expected to be completed early next year.

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