Shanghai, PR China, April 22, 2018 – Solvay Performance Polyamides is spotlighting the advances in its Technyl® portfolio of polyamide (PA) flame retardant materials benefitting a wide range of applications utilized for electric-flow from power generation and distribution to end use.


Electrical safety is of critical importance for the secure flow of electric currents whether for commercial or domestic use,”says Jonson Xing C&E Global Marketing Manager for Solvay Performance Polyamides. “Our comprehensive Technyl® range for fire protection fully satisfies strict UL* standards and when combined with flame retardant additives achieves the most demanding levels of fire and electrical resistance providing an optimal solution for increasingly rigorous safety criteria.”

Advanced engineered Technyl® materials includes custom-developed grades of Technyl® One and Technyl Star® halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) ‘50’ series of PA66 grades as well as advanced ‘60’ series grades for low extractable and low migration characteristics.  These products are widely used in an array of components along the entire electric-flow chain from power generation (photovoltaic junction boxes), to power distribution (circuit breakers) and end use applications (electrical units,new energy vehicles), home appliances and smart devices.

Voltage protection requires cutting-edge materials, advanced cost/performance characteristics together with a solid understanding of the electric-flow technology. Solvay’s Technyl® solutions offer the highest specifications of flame retardancy (FR) and productivity thereby maximizing the safety of key electrical parts at optimized cost.

In addition, Technyl Star® PA66 and PA6 products complement Solvay Performance Polyamides’ electric-flow solutions with HFFR features and certified electrical protection in combination with optimized high fluidity.“The superior fluidity of Technyl Star® allows OEMs part miniaturization and multi-functionality while retaining outstanding electrical properties in use,”concludes Jonson Xing.  


Solvay Performance Polyamides offers a complete array of technical services designed to speed the time to market of new applications. This offering includes predictive simulation with MMI® Technyl® Design1, 3D printing of PA6-based functional prototypes in Sinterline® PA6 powders as well as part testing at fully equipped APT® Technyl® Validation centers2.

® Technyl, Technyl Star Sinterline and APT are registered trademarks of Solvay

*Underwriters’ Laboratories

1MMI Technyl® Design is an advanced service powered by Digimat from e-Xstream, an MSC Software Company

2APT centers are located in Lyon, France and Shanghai, China




Solvay Performance Polyamides spotlights the advances in its Technyl® portfolio of polyamide (PA) flame retardant materials benefitting a wide range of applications utilized for electric-flow from power generation and distribution to end use. Graphic courtesy of Solvay Performance Polyamides.

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