High-Heat Performance and Thin-Gauge Availability Make PEEK Film More Cost-Effective than Polyimide Film

NEWARK, Del., December 10, 2013– Wisdom Audio, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance planar magnetic transducers for architectural speaker applications, uses KetaSpire® polyetheretherketone (PEEK) film produced by Ajedium™ Films, a Solvay Specialty Polymers business, for the construction of a laminated diaphragm for its new advanced L8i model in-wall loudspeaker system. The super-thin film provides durability, strength, and high heat resistance in a high-performance laminate which also consists of aluminum foil and a proprietary adhesive.

Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom-made planar magnetic and dynamic transducers optimized for high performance, including high-end architectural audio reproduction applications. The company’s L8i modelis among the new Insight Series models which incorporate both newly developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers. 

Ajedium™ Films specializes in advanced technologies to produce extraordinarily thin, high-quality films – as thin as five microns – in a cost-effective manner. The process requires high-purity resins like KetaSpire® PEEK, an ultra-high performance polymer from Solvay Specialty Polymers that delivers exceptional heat performance, strength, and durability as a replacement for polyimides.

Wisdom Audio is investigating the potential use of KetaSpire® PEEK as a replacement for traditional materials such as polyimide-based systems for all diaphragms used in its loudspeaker line, said David Graebener, senior vice president of research and development for Wisdom Audio.

“Solvay and Ajedium met the cost/performance challenge because KetaSpire® PEEK satisfies our strength and thermal requirements and provides an unprecedented cost benefit and improved productivity compared to polyimides,” explained Graebener.

Ajedium™ Films supplies KetaSpire® PEEK film in thicknesses ranging from 12 microns to 40 mil for speaker diaphragms that range in size from 6 sq in to 300 sq in (38.71 cm2to 0.1936 m2). The PEEK film is laminated to the aluminum foil with a proprietary high-heat adhesive and then etched. The three-mil-thick lamination (aluminum foil/adhesive/PEEK film) is stretched and bonded to the frame so it can then move back and forth to create sound.

In addition to KetaSpire® PEEK film, Ajedium manufactures films from a broad range of engineering, high-performance, and ultra-high performance polymers. Films up to 60 inches wide can be produced with gauges ranging from five microns to 60 mils.

KetaSpire® PEEK is one of the industry’s most chemically resistant plastics and offers excellent strength, superior fatigue resistance, high purity, and a continuous-use temperature up to 240°C (464°F). Glass fiber-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced grades provide a wide range of performance options for demanding applications.

About Wisdom Audio
Wisdom Audio is the leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance planar magnetic transducers for architectural speaker applications with more than 100 man-years of experience. Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 to create no-compromise planar magnetic hybrid loudspeaker systems for the most demanding and critical audiophiles. Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom-made planar magnetic and dynamic transducers optimized for high performance, including high-end architectural audio reproduction applications. Its hybrid-technology systems have earned praise and awards from the specialized media, while satisfying a growing base of customers and dealers worldwide. Wisdom Audio’s products, including their multi-award winning Sage Series architectural models, are handcrafted in limited quantities by specialized craftsman at its headquarters in Carson City, Nev. For more information, visit www.wisdomaudio.com or call (775) 887-8850.

About Ajedium™ Films
Ajedium™ Films, acquired by Solvay in 2008, is the film division of Solvay Specialty Polymers. Ajedium Films offers a full spectrum of high-performance and developmental thermoplastic films for specialized industries and is located in Newark, Del. For more information about Ajedium Films, visit www.solvayspecialtypolymers.com.

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