Oxygenated water for sustainable packaging


Some products, such as the carton you pour milk from for your morning coffee or the plastic water bottle you bought the other day at a gas station, are so ordinary and of everyday use that people rarely stop to think about the production process behind them. How do these products get made and where do they end up?


Why Solvay teamed up with startup MultiMechanics to help it ‘stop breaking things’


When the teams at Solvay Composite Materials looked for a way to simplify the testing of their products, not only did they find the perfect simulation tool to help them do that, they invested in the company that created it. Now, Solvay and MultiMechanics work hand-in-hand to continue developing this sophisticated piece of software.


Protecting biodiversity where you least expect it


As part of its Solvay Way sustainability program, the Group encourages the protection of biodiversity around its buildings and facilities. With its rare species of orchids and abundant honey production, Solvay’s RIC-Lyon research center applies these guidelines with true passion.


5 little-known facts about Ernest Solvay


Ernest Solvay was born 180 years ago, today, on 16 April 1838. The hyperactive founder of Solvay is well known as an inventor, entrepreneur, patron of sciences and promoter of social progress, but here are a few other things about him you probably didn’t know…


Holidays like Easter wouldn’t taste the same without vanillin


Did you know all types of chocolate contained vanilla – or vanillin, to be specific? From the purest, darkest varieties to the sweetest white chocolate, none of these would taste right without the precious molecule, of which Solvay happens to be the leading producer.


Oxygenated water for more sustainable fish farms


In aquaculture like with any kind of farming, the risk of infection and disease is ever present. Fish farmers do their best to prevent fish becoming sick or affected by parasites. Alastair Smart, Solvay’s Global Business Manager in Aquaculture, shares more on how Solvay is helping the aquaculture industry keep its fish population healthy.


What does open innovation look like on a continental scale?


With its €70 billion budget and its continental reach, Horizon 2020 is the most ambitious research and innovation program the European Union has ever seen. Solvay, along with the entire European chemistry ecosystem, has been an active participant in the framework program since its launch in 2014.


Space travel needs composites too!


Solvay materials have been contributing to space exploration ever since humans have been capable of building machines that leave our planet. Here is an overview of these materials and their out-of-this-world properties.


Protected plastic means more sustainable plastic


Replacing metal parts in cars with plastic to save weight and therefore reduce fuel consumption can only be done if the plastic is sufficiently resilient and long-lasting. UV stabilizers not only achieve just that, but also enable an environmentally friendly ‘virtuous circle’ in the process. It’s circular economics in action!