Solvay is the Chemical Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation - to contribute to accelerating the transition towards a circular economy.  Chemistry, as a science and an industry, is a tremendously relevant and powerful enabler in material transformation and re-use. Using the large and diversified technology portfolio of the Group, from specialty chemicals to advanced materials, we can act as an enabler and co-construct new solutions to close loops.


Solvay Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Solvay's intention is to position itself and its chemistry as a transformation agent which contributes towards solving societal issues, by designing new and innovative solutions that help customers achieve their sustainability goals.


Solvay partners with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Solvay takes action to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy having signed  a three-year partnership agreement with the Ellen MacArthur foundation. 

Patrick Maestro

What is the role of chemistry in a circular economy ?

Solvay took the stage during part in the 2018 Disruptive Innovation Festival in  in Holding It All together - How can chemistry help the circular economy? A live debate with Patrick Maestro, Scientific Director at Solvay, who is interviewed about why Solvay is involved in the circular economy and more importantly, the value chemistry can play to facilitate its transition.  

My H202 design layout


At Solvay, we can build value to the circularity by redesigning our technology, our process, in order to close the loop at the production site of our customer. Like "My H2O2" , a small-scale technologically innovative plants, located on the customer sites, and transforming existing, non-used raw materials into H2O2, minimizing energy consumption and eliminating long distance transportation needs. 


Move 4earth®

At Solvay, we can build value to the circularity by participating in the recycling of our molecules and closing the loop with our customers. Like our Move 4earth®. Transforming process of post-industrial or end-of-life technical textiles, such as automotive airbags, into premium quality recycled Polyamide 6.6.


Amni Soul Eco

At Solvay, we can build value to the circularity by re-designing our molecules through biosourcing. Like our Amni Eco Soul a biodegradable polyamide yarn with an improved formulation that accelerates biodegradation with a keen focus on the development of sustainable fashion and a world where eco-friendly clothing.