Think circular starting right from the beginning: the molecule

Solvay took the stage during part in the 2018 Disruptive Innovation Festival in  in Holding It All together - How can chemistry help the circular economy? A live debate with Patrick Maestro, Scientific Director at Solvay, who is interviewed about why Solvay is involved in the circular economy and more importantly, the value chemistry can play to facilitate its transition.  

On Monday 19 November, at 1pm GMT, Solvay takes the stage in Holding It All together - How can chemistry help the circular economy? A live debate with Patrick Maestro, Scientific Director at Solvay, who is interviewed about why Solvay is involved in the circular economy and more importantly, the value chemistry can play to facilitate its transition.  

As Isabelle Gubelman-Bonneau, Solvay’s Head of Circular Economy says:

"For Solvay, it’s not even a question or a choice. It’s the world that is moving in this direction. Chemistry and collaboration with our customers are crucial in this transition. Participating in this online festival is one way to explain the chemistry and trigger interest from businesses and society to partner with us!"

This interview is part of the two-week online festival which gathers the greatest game-changers in the circular economy.

The webinar highlights Solvay’s pledge to contribute to accelerating the shift in collaboration with its customers and as a key specialty chemical and advanced material global partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

This live session is the turning point of DIF’s journey to launch debate around achievable solutions for regenerative systems so as to minimize resource input and waste to effectively close energy and material loops.

Using the large and diversified technology portfolio of the Group, from specialty chemicals to advanced materials, Solvay can act as an enabler and co-construct with its customers new sustainable solutions to address challenges on next-generation mobility and resource efficiency: reconnect the business to the society and planet.

How? Holding It All together

Join Patrick Maestro’s webinar

Holding It All together is Solvay’s disruptive session at DIF 2018 live-streamed from the Isle of Wight, UK, to reach the world and back, on Monday 19 November, 1am GMT.

On stage, Patrick Maestro, Solvay’s Scientific Director, joins Emma Fromberg to address how specialty chemicals and advanced materials are developing new solutions at all stages of the value creation chain starting from the from the raw material to the end product.

Holding it all together - event details
When is it taking place?
Monday 19 November at 1pm GMT time (2pm CET).

How can I join? 
Watch it live on this page!

Atomic revolution

Circularity with intelligent materials

Fundamental requirements for a system like the circular economy to work is smart choices and life-friendly product choices.

At Solvay, specialty chemistry binds together advanced materials and builds value to the circularity of the markets in 4 major ways

  • Reconsider process and technology to close the loop at our customer’s production site such as with My H2O2. 
  • Recycling of our molecules  and closing the loop with our customers as we do with Move 4earth 
  • Molecules redesign through biosourcing such as Bio-PA for Textile.
  • Technological innovation to bring new or improved functionalities to production systems

No customer is an island

Sustainable chemistry and customer-centricity joined forces 

Specialiy chemistry, as a science and an industry, is a tremendously relevant and powerful enabler in material transformation and re-use. At Solvay, we are sure to be potentially powerful actors in the transformation of materials and systems all along their use. For this, collaboration with game-changers along the value chain is the key word.

For Solvay, the circular economy presents compelling innovation and business opportunities together with our customers and suppliers for whom, today, more circularity is becoming increasingly strategic.

The more we meet customers, the more we discover fantastic opportunities in circular business models! We must also listen to the voice of the final users who are getting more and more concerned by sustainability and the future of our planet. 

Follow us to discover more on Solvay’s constantly evolving product portfolio with the latest advanced material and sustainable solutions.