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Following the rapid growth of the electronic industry in China, demand for electronic chemicals used to clean and etch large-scale integrated circuits and semiconductors has surged. To meet that demand Solvay’s Special Chem business unit has opened a new electronic grade hydrogen peroxide plant in Zhenjiang, China. With an annual capacity up to 24,000 tons, the new plant will supply the semiconductor industry with an indispensable chemical agent for the production of integrated electronic circuits. 

Electronic chemicals has become one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries within the chemical sector in China. “Our new plant is built with the most advanced technology developed by Solvay over recent decades,” explains Rodrigo Elizondo, the President of GBU Special Chem, “and this opening ceremony is the product of many years of commitment to the semiconductor industry in China.”


The new production plant will help us further tap into growing demand from the domestic electronic industry, and our local customers will likewise gain even better access to our products and services.

Rodrigo Elizondo, the President of GBU Special Chem

In addition to its significant production capacity, Solvay’s new electronic grade hydrogen peroxide plant will also strictly follow sustainable operating principles. Only processes and equipment with no or minimal environmental impact are being adopted, while pollution sources will be effectively managed at the site to reduce effluents and energy usage.