Solvay solutions directly address on resource efficiency across industries

In a world where water, land, energy and raw materials of all sorts are getting more and more scarce while greenhouse gas emissions drive global warming and biodiversity continues to decrease, it’s urgent to shift towards new, more sustainable solutions that preserve our planet’s precious resources. Whether in construction, mining, mobility or water management, Solvay has a lot of products and solutions in its portfolio that integrate and promote principles such as energy efficiency, resource-sparing and the circular economy, thus addressing the fast-growing need of industrial players to move towards more sustainable (and often economically beneficial) practices. 

Here are a few examples of such products that exemplify our Solvay One Planet ambitions, which itself targets holistically, climate, resources and better life.

  1. Premium SW: silica for tires that lowers automotive emissions
    Red car driving in the countryside
    Solvay developed a new grade of silica entering the composition of tires, Premium SW, which contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from cars and trucks. By providing reduced rolling resistance from a vehicle’s wheels, it diminishes fuel consumption and therefore emissions. It also makes tires more resistant, thereby improving their lifespan: this reduces costs and resource consumption, since tires can be changed less frequently.
  2. ACORGA®: For more efficient copper mining 

    As global demand for copper keeps increasing, due in part to steady growth in the electric vehicle market, Solvay helps mining operators in South America, the world’s largest copper-producing region, to improve their operational reliability and efficiency thanks to its oxime-based ACORGA® extractants. ACORGA® enables copper producers to overcome increased metallurgical challenges and decline in metal ore grades while reducing extractant replacement costs, improving the overall efficiency of copper extraction.
  3. Reducing industrial air pollution thanks to SOLVAir® 

    One of the most precious resources on our planet is clean air. By safely and reliably reducing noxious acid gas emissions caused by highly polluting facilities such as power plants, waste incinerators and ships, SOLVAir® offers an innovative exhaust cleaning solution that yields significant results: Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI). And the best part is, the raw material used is completely harmless for people and ecosystems, as it’s nothing but good old sodium bicarbonate.
  4. Soda Ash enables glass, glass enables building insulation 
    Glass panels
    Solvay is a leading global provider of soda ash, one of the main raw materials needed to manufacture glass. Over the past decades, double and even triple glazing were invented to improve insulation, vastly improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Considering we consume almost half of the energy we produce on buildings, there is huge potential for energy savings in this field, and one of the main areas of improvement here is to work on the insulation capacities of windows, which account for 15 to 25% of a building’s heat loss.
  5. CYANEX®: Lithium with a smaller environmental footprint 

    As increasingly more of the world’s lithium is used for batteries, producers in South America’s ‘lithium triangle’ can look to a more effective extraction method than traditional evaporation thanks to Solvay’s CYANEX® extractants. A more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective production process based on solvent extraction can help spare ecosystems by avoiding the depletion of large amounts of water from underground salars containing lithium salts.
  6.  Oxystrong®: a labeled sustainable solution for the re-use of wastewater 

    Oxystrong®, Solvay’s rapid-acting and completely safe oxidizing biocide, was recently recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an Efficient Solution for the Planet, as it allows the recycling of municipal wastewater, saving vast quantities of precious water. One brilliant example of this can be found in the city of Milan, which uses it to enable the re-use of its wastewater for irrigation, in collaboration with a local agricultural cooperative.
  7. Solef® PVDF: Better pipes for a better energy industry 

    Solvay’s high-stability fluorinated thermoplastic is designed to manufacture flexible pipes for the oil & gas industry that can withstand the harsh conditions of offshore applications. By replacing metal, Solef® PVDF enables considerable advantages in terms of lightweighting, ease of installation and facilitated maintenance, which in turn generate significant emissions reductions thanks to lowered energy consumption. There is no other equivalent to steel for such demanding uses currently available on the market.