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DSC_2438Rosignano plant

Alve-One®’s new plant in Italy well on its way

Alve-One foaming solutions logo

In order to support the thermoplastic foam industry´s sustainability goals, Solvay will be soon producing and supplying Alve-One, a line of chemical blowing agents, from its new plant located in Rosignano (Italy). 

Being the world leader in the production of sodium bicarbonate for 160 years has not refrained Solvay from continuously innovating with this versatile molecule. Alve-OneⓇ Foaming Solutions, a portfolio of chemical blowing agents formulated with sodium bicarbonate, is a perfect example of safe and sustainable by design chemistry which has been developed, aligned with the new EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability, to be a safe and viable alternative to Azodicarbonamide (ADCA), a substance of very high concern (SVHC) on Reach Candidate List. It can also perfectly replace other blowing agents, such as OBSH, TSH and expandable microspheres.

This new Alve-OneⓇ production plant in Italy will help the thermoplastic foam industry's transition to safer and more sustainable products moving forward.

By using Alve-OneⓇ, plastic foam producers will be moving towards hazardous-free products that will have a much lower carbon footprint, lower or null VOC emissions and that will be odorless, key requirements for interior air quality. Another important aspect to take into account regarding the usage of Alve-One® is that it will positively impact the recyclability of plastic foams.

Alve-OneⓇ has been awarded the Prix Potier Prize 2022, a prize given by France Chimie that promotes and recognizes the innovation in sustainable chemistry, is labelled by Solar Impulse as an efficient solution and is recognized as a safe alternative to ADCA by ChemSec.

Solvay team will be happy to support you all the way in this key transition.


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