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Adding Extra Safety to Lithium-ion Batteries

The safety of lithium-ion batteries in vehicles is a key priority for the automotive industry. As batteries continue to increase energy density levels, customers are looking to add an extra layer of protection in order to avoid catastrophic events. Therefore, development activities are focused on the reduction of risks and the improvement of all safety concepts and systems including cell chemistry. TAB is an electrolyte additive that protects rechargeable lithium-ion batteries by reducing the risk of overloading and overheating. The use of TAB in electrolytes offers the following advantages:

  • Increased security in the voltage range from 4.6 V – 5.0 V
  • Increased number of charge/discharge cycles

Solvay has many years of experience in the production of TAB and has the capability to sustain the market needs. Thanks to the unique production process, we offer our customers the highest quality TAB with the lowest moisture content in the industry. This is a huge advantage as there is no need for an additional expensive step to take water out of our product, our TAB is already super-dry.  We are also the only producer with a European Union REACH registration.

Why TAB?

  • Used as an overcharge additive
  • Higher oxidation initiation voltage compared to other additives, avoiding battery damage while still protecting the battery
  • Most performant choice on the market
  • Very high purity level and low (<40 ppm) moisture making it a great electrolyte additive