Championing diversity and inclusion: our core value

Solvay joins forces with the European Round Table of Industrialists (ETR) by signing the diversity and inclusion pledge today in Brussel. Together with more than 50 business and industry CEOs, chairman and directors of leading-edge companies, partners, and customers headquartered across Europe, we aim at creating a more inclusive and open culture to uphold talent in the workplace.

The latest step in the Group’s commitment reinforces Solvay's solid devotion to offer the best career possibilities to foster the most diverse community of talents and bright innovators based on equal opportunities. Tapping the full measure of talent from across society is critical for the long-term success of people, companies and community at large. 

Leading with digital transformation 

To facilitate the constructive encounter of views and ideas as a beacon for the ERT’s agreement, at Solvay contributes to open and share experience thanks to the power of inspiring stories. 

Joining the Embrace Difference dedicated online platform, which has also been launched alongside the pledge today, Solvay participates to serving as a digital square to facilitate the constructive encounter of views and ideas as a beacon to the ERT's shared commitment. 


Curving diversity and inclusion on 6 milestones

At Solvay, we pursue the good of our employees and society strengthening our dedication to the six milestones of the ERT’s roadmap globally. Together we act towards:

  1. Inclusive workplace: We steadily potentiate possibilities for an open and inclusive working environment where all current and prospective employees are valued, listened and respected their voices. For example by continuing to make our workplaces trusting places to have open and courageous conversations about diversity and inclusion, implementing dedicated awareness programmes, sharing learning experiences, and developing flexible work conditions.

  2. Inclusive leadership: Establish diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative at all levels of an organisation is essential. It doesn’t just call for the top management, but Solvay’s leadership embraces all our employees and teams coming together to inspiring the change as necessary role models. 

  3. Aspiration and goal setting: Electing and maintain challenging but achievable targets and ambitions goals within Solvay the organisation are pivotal for all our teams. 

  4. Clear responsibility: All managers are responsible for reaching diversity goals and ambitions and that they have appropriate oversight of strategies and initiatives to achieve them.

  5. Equal opportunities: Review people policies, processes and practices, including recruitment, retention, development, remuneration and career planning to foster diversity and avoid any bias.

  6. Societal engagement and responsibility: Contribute to bridging the skills gap by supporting the development of STEM and digital transition to equip all employees and talents with the best toolset. Equally, Solvay commits to increase dialogue across academia and industry with our dedicated career programs, apprenticeships, dual learning, and business-education partnerships, especially for underrepresented groups.

#EmbraceDifference not just a hashtag

Join #EmbraceDiffernence #SolvayLife pledge promote a more inclusive and diverse society.

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