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AQ (2-amylanthraquinone) and EQ (2-ethylanthraquinone)

AQ (2-amylanthraquinone) and EQ (2-ethylanthraquinone) are the two most commonly used carriers in the working solution of the anthraquinone process that produces Hydrogen Peroxide. Major players in the industry choose to use AQ and EQ based on their particularly high selectivity, which allows for the safe production of Hydrogen Peroxide.




Highly efficient AQ for a purer H2O2

Solvay, one of the leading global producers and suppliers of Hydrogen Peroxide solutions, has completed the REACH registration for the production of AQ.

Our proprietary formulation is extremely soluble, remarkably stable and has a high hydrogenation rate ౼ three key factors that ensure a higher H2O2 yield with the same amount of working solution. These smaller, more efficient production plantsusing our AQ also require less equipment, less energy and ultimately less financial investment. Furthermore, our H2O2 produced by using our AQ is extremely pure and can be used for sensitive processes such as cleaning semi-conductors or synthesizing chemical compounds.




Expertise and an international presence

Solvay has completed REACH registration to import and sell EQ in Europe. Here, we apply our rigorous standards in the pre-screening of the available EQ suppliers in the market in order to ensure a stable and high product quality.

The Organic Chemicals department of the Solvay Peroxides Business Unit has developed a sound competence in sourcing and supplying EQ and AQ to 17 Solvay hydrogen peroxide plants all over the world. Not only does our global footprint ensure competitive pricing, but our expertise in the handling and transportation of EQ and AQ guarantees security of supply and protects against market volatility.