Specialty Polymers for Food Contact Applications

With more than 20 years of experience as a material supplier in the food and beverage industry, Solvay has a proven track record of advanced metal replacement to assist manufacturers in improving performance and optimizing costs. Our scientists have developed the broadest range of high-performance polymers that meet some of the world’s most stringent food contact regulations for a range of products.

As food and beverage industries continue to evolve, original equipment manufacturers search for material solutions that provide clear benefits to their production process as well as to end-use consumers. Specialty polymers equip OEMs with greater design flexibility, superior mechanical performance, and unmatched aesthetic qualities in a range of consumer goods that come in contact with food. As expectations for product performance increase, metals and lower-quality engineering polymers cannot meet the needs of today’s consumers. Solvay’s specialty polymers are the ideal materials for OEMs searching for outstanding mechanical properties, higher heat resistance, inherent flame retardancy, and a high-quality surface finish.

“When it comes to food contact applications, the flexibility of polymers is better than glass or metal.”

Guruprasad Sivakumar
Head of Marketing Consumer, Healthcare & Environment

”Consumers are expecting more from their kitchen appliances, whether it is longer-lasting performance, fire and chemical resistance or mechanical stability. Solvay meets these needs by continually developing versatile and high-performing polymers that are safe for food contact.”

Joachim Vercauteren
Strategic Key Account Manager

Producers of food contact applications are constantly searching for ways to stand out from their competitors and meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s consumers. Products that come in contact with food have several requirements that are unique to this segment of consumer goods. While these products must maintain excellent performance throughout their service life, they must also meet stringent safety standards and evolve with current aesthetic trends in the market. Solvay’s specialty polymers are designed to meet each of the distinct requirements necessitated by this essential market.

Solvay’s specialty polymers outperform metals with a range of products providing outstanding heat and chemical resistance, long-lasting durability and advanced smell and taste technology to limit the sensory impact of previously used ingredients. While polymer performance is essential for product success, these products must also contribute to product safety. Solvay’s specialty polymers for food contact applications are designed with fire resistance, are free from BPA and BPS, and are tested for some of the world’s most stringent food contact certifications from organizations like the European Union and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, these materials can enhance the aesthetics of food contact applications by offering improved design flexibility so manufacturers can more easily differentiate their products from competitors.

Solvay’s portfolio of specialty polymers is suitable for use in a variety of different food contact applications, such as coffee machines, juicers, air fryers, rice cookers, kitchen utensils, foodservice and microwave trays, food processing applications and other kitchen appliances, to ensure mechanical and aesthetic performance. 


Compliance with Food and Drink Regulations

Solvay’s specialty polymers relieve OEMs of much of the burden surrounding food and drink regulations by certifying our materials with organizations across the globe, including the Food and Drug Administration, European Union, NSF and Chinese government. Manufacturers can streamline their production processes with Solvay’s specialty polymers that are approved for food contact, and customers can be confident in the safety and performance of their products.

Enhanced Product Performance

Safety certifications are an essential element of food contact applications, but these products must also offer outstanding performance to appeal to customers and stand out from competitors. Replacing metals with polymers in food contact products enables manufacturers to enhance performance with improved heat and chemical resistance, greater durability in response to steam and pressure and increased strength and stiffness. While metals are limited in their ability to respond to some of these conditions, specialty polymers are formulated to meet each specific application demand.



More Efficient Processing

Previously used materials like glass and metal are notoriously difficult and expensive to process, especially as parts become more complex and multifunctional. Solvay’s specialty polymers, however, offer cost-competitive advantages for manufacturers and improve processing efficiency. Injection moldable polymers simplify processing by allowing parts to be easily and precisely replicated and eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive processes that are necessary for metals.

Improved Design Flexibility and Aesthetics

High-performance polymers outperform metals and deliver excellent performance, safety, and aesthetics to create a desirable consumer product. Specifically, Solvay’s specialty polymers provide unmatched design flexibility and can be produced with different colors and textures for targeted aesthetics, while also offering flexibility in weight. For example, OEMs can alter appliances made with high-performance polymers so certain components feel heavier, more stable and higher-quality.