Supplier Information & Tools

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Welcome to the Supplier Portal!  

Learn more about the Best Practices and Tools & Solutions, our suppliers can benefit from. 

Procure to Pay Best Practices

Please find in the Procure to Pay Process Sheet and the Best Practices Card (EN - DE - ES - FR - IT - NL - PT) more information about our processes and what is required from our suppliers in order to ensure a fast and secure Purchase Order and Invoice processing from which both parties will benefit.

Supplier Invoice Tracking tool

This service is fast, easy to use and available at any time you wish to check the real-time status of an invoice that has been sent to us for payment.


By using this tool you may find:

  • Invoice processing status and relevant information regarding items blocked for payment due to discrepancies.
  • Scheduled payment dates for items successfully processed and maturing in the future.
  • Remittance details for payments initiated by Solvay inclusive of payment method, payment amount and date.

How to use the Invoice Tracking tool?

You must first request access to the Invoice Tracking tool.

To access the tool, you must then visit our Invoice Status & Instructions page. Here you may find our Company List.

By selecting the relevant invoiced company you may then find:

  • Corresponding Company invoicing data and instructions
  • Link to the Invoice Tracking tool

e-Invoicing Solutions

 Would you like to have a smooth, paperless process? 

Digital invoicing is already being widely used and is our preferred way of ensuring a smooth process. Have a look at our digital invoicing best practices (EN- DE- ES- FR- IT- NL- PT) and find out which e-invoicing solutions are available.